Retired? Here’s why Gardening is a Great Hobby Choice!


At retirement, you finally have the free time you need to enjoy all of the activities that you had to put off during your working years. If you find yourself wondering what hobbies would be the best use of your time, why not consider gardening? Many new retirement communities offer gardening clubs to residents. Here are some reasons why gardening is a great hobby choice for retirees!

  1. Gardening Keeps People Active

It’s easy to become sedentary during retirement, but this can lead to an increased risk for many of the health problems associated with old age. Gardening provides strength, endurance and flexibility exercise, all of which are important to help retirees feel their best. It also burns calories to help fight weight gain.

  1. Gardening Provides a Cheap Source of Healthy Food

If your garden includes food and herbs, you can enjoy the benefit of organic foods in your home at a fraction of the price at the grocery store. It may also cause you to learn some new skills, like making jam or canning, to help preserve the bounty from your garden. With the right gardening techniques, that food can be completely organic, if you wish!

  1. Gardening Reduces Stress

Retirement shouldn’t be stressful, but if you find yourself feeling a bit anxious, you may find that gardening provides a great stress release. Gardening also doesn’t cause eye strain or mental fatigue the way reading or computer-based entertainment may.

  1. Gardening Improves Emotional Health

Researchers have found that people who are battling depression experience an improved mood with six hours per week spent growing flowers and veggies. Gardeners often experience an elevated mood after spending time in the garden. If you want to keep your mental and emotional health strong, this is the hobby you need to embrace.

  1. Gardening Reduces the Risk of Dementia

Finally, don’t overlook gardening as a way to keep your brain strong. Research has found that people who garden have a lower risk of dementia. For this reason, gardening during retirement is simply a good idea!

During retirement, you need hobbies that keep your mind and body engaged and active. Gardening does both of these! So go ahead and get out there and dig in the dirt. Your body, mind and soul will thank you!

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