Renewing living room


 The living room is the busiest room in the house. Family meals, parties with friends, the evening television sessions, and opportunities abound to be in the living room. In general, this is the place seen by visitors. It is very important to have a pleasant lounge, cozy, in which to live. We spend most of our time here, so spice it as it should.

Renewing her living room

Why renovate his living room?

A dilapidated, dimly lit room will tend not to live up to your expectations. The warmth and brightness must bring out to give people to come and present a feeling of fullness.

How to renovate your living room?

While obviously depend on your budget. The living room is one of the biggest parts of your home, you can imagine numerous amenities to make it more welcoming.

Observe first if your show attracts light. If this is not the case, you can use reflective materials (silver, iron, and mirrors), curtains, and flat paints for example.

For walls, avoid plain white, often plated color and become accessory. Put your walls ahead with darkened color variations, contrasts, ruptures. Do not forget to decorate the ornaments then (frames, storage) that look like you. Make a bold statement, dare your identity.

Organize corners: dining room, TV room, focus area – games, imagine part by part the different areas of the show. Give a unique touch to each location according to their importance. If the great meals in your habits, you can place a large table. If you want to turn your TV room into a movie theater, you can adjust accordingly. Make all these parties are communicating.

Adjust the lighting accordingly: the TV area will dim lights when the dining room is rather completely illuminated.

Whether in furniture (wood, leather), colors, layout, let your imagination and do not hesitate to affirm your personality and tastes through your living room.

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