Renovation of doors, windows and windows


Renovate doors

First, inspect the door to check renovate elements. Sand the door to prevent peeling paint. You will then have the choice to renovate your door

  • Edit the door retaining frame (taking measurements of one door and bringing it to a store to get your new model)
  • Change the two (keeping the old frame while providing a new environment)
  • Change all of the door (standard or custom)
  • Ask a custom door (done by an expert)


Renovate windows

With the windows, you get a very bright living room, bright. In new homes and renovations, the bay window has become essential. The goal of the renovation is to improve the thermal insulation for greater energy savings. Here are some items to consider in the selection and installation of your bay window:

  • Ideally, be sure to make this renovation work in a global project of thermal and energy renovation (interior and exterior)
  • The UG coefficient (glazing) and U (chassis) windows
  • the orientation of the picture window in the house (north, south, east, west) for a gain of energy and heat.

Renovate windows

As in previous parts, make a diagnosis of the state of the windows (protection against water infiltration particular). For the full change, you can focus PVC, wood or aluminum. For economic renewal, you can refer to the PVC. But for a more efficient result (better insulation and low maintenance), orient yourself mixed window. Please note that it is better to choose the thermal noise improvement, except of course for very annoying noise. A thickness equivalent rendering is better with heat.

For this work, know that the new standards require you to perform more expensive work.But these renovations give you the right to a tax credit based on the changes.

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