How to choose a bed for your baby Girl?


Many parents who dream of making magical nights of their daughter must learn this article .Today, this dream is quite feasible with the entire girl to bed ranges offered by manufacturers. However, the choice of a girl’s bed is a real headache for parents. How to choose a bed for your baby Girl?

How to choose a bed for your baby Girl

What creates choice?

Beautify the nights of little girls is not an easy task. Indeed, before choosing a girl to bed, to consider certain criteria.

The choice of mattress: Many moms who choose the box spring springs for their daughter. This type of mattress consists of springs attached to a wooden frame. All dressed in a tick is often attached to the mattress. It is ideal for children due to its strength. The slatted base is also recommended for children. For a girl, it is better to opt for more flexible slats that garantient maximum comfort

The choice of mattresses: There are three kinds of mattresses: Springs mattresses, foam mattresses and latex mattresses. The double layer foam mattresses are suitable for children. The natural latex mattress derived from the sap of rubber trees is also perfect. The ideal density of latex is 75kg / 3. The choice of adornment such as blankets and sheets today, girls are crazy quilts, flat sheets and fitted sheets bearing the image of their favorite actor or actress, singer or their favorite sports, character of their favorite comics. It is better to opt for materials 100% cotton or wool depending on the season. Cotton provides a great feeling of softness. It is also important to choose subjects treated anti-mite, anti-mold and washable for perfect hygiene. Most girls love pink. Thus, it is advisable to opt for this color, but it is possible to choose other colors depending on the child’s personality

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