Nothing else has quite the classic look as a herringbone floor


Many aspects of home decoration and interior design come and go, sometimes with the seasons sometimes with the decade. Lots of attention is paid to the walls and windows but the one area that will date your home most is the flooring. We don’t change flooring as often or as easily as we change wall coverings or furniture so it’s important to make a choice that is both on trends, classically stylish and versatile.

Why is herringbone a reliable style?

It’s not garish, meaning it won’t go out of fashion and look horrible. It’s not boring, so you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Finally, it complements so many styles of floor covering – from bare to the strategic use of rugs and carpets–that as time passes and fashions change, you’ll be able to adapt and maintain the look of your home. It’s well worth having a look at what other people have done with their herringbone floors to bring out the best in their homes. You ‘ll want to bear in mind the last point below during your search and here’s a link to help you find more herringbone floors without worrying about issues of quality.

Why is quality important?

One problem that herringbone flooring can have – cheap, mass produce, softwood blocks that are fitted incorrectly will get more and more uneven over the years. Once they get loose, what seemed like a perfect floor can become unsightly or even a trip risk. Likewise, cheap woods are easier to dent and splinter. If you’re going for this classic style, make sure you invest in a product that you can enjoy for years to come. Choose hardwood, not just for its beauty but for its resilience.

Junckers – Danish quality at its best

Are you looking for solid wood flooring from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers? Junckers is the right one to contact. Junckers is able to provide you or your company with a complete solution in the best combination of quality wood flooring, professional and technical service and own produced wood-care product for maintenance.

The brand and company descend from Flemming Juncker who was a young Danish graduate in forestry back in 1930 – he saw a possibility in a new field of solid parquet flooring and took it. The products from Junckers are now and then developed and based on the traditions of Danish craftsmanship. It’s the experience, craftsmanship, and knowledge about hardwood that underlines the quality in each product.

When in doubt – choose wood

Junckers is represented in more than 30 countries, and sells products in more than 45 countries worldwide – this says something about the popularity of solid wood flooring, and not only in the Nordic countries who are often associated with the traditions of wood flooring such as herringbone, parquet, and solid planks.

When choosing the right floors for your home, bear in mind that a solid hardwood floor is always both a safe, sustainable and beautiful solution – especially if you choose Junckers as your supplier. So, when in doubt, go with wood.

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