Different Types and Uses of Roller Blinds


If you’re not much of into traditional curtains, roller blinds are a great option of window coverings to use in your home. Many homeowners find roller blinds give their space a more modern look. Apart from having a fresh-looking design, they are also highly functional when it comes to blocking out light and maintaining a good level of insulation, which is a major plus for any homeowner! There’s no doubt that roller blinds are versatile window solutions that can easily suit your home interiors. 

Here, we talk about the different types of roller blinds (yes, you can choose different materials!) and their respective uses.

Blackout Roller Blinds

If you like to sleep in on the weekend without the harsh sunlight leaking in through your windows interrupting you, blackout roller blindsare a great solution for you. Blackout roller blinds are the type of roller blinds used primarily to darken a room. These blinds block daylight and are ideal for rooms that require more privacy during night-timesuch as nurseries, master bedrooms, and entertainment rooms. 

While blackout roller blinds are used to darken a room, your colour options aren’t limited to just dark colours. Blackout blinds can also be made in lighter shades or can be any colour to suit your space. 

Thermal Roller Blinds

Thermal roller blinds use the same fabric that blackout blinds use but are characterised by a slightly thicker flock backing that’s soft to the touch. The purpose of the backing is to improve the thermal efficiency so you can enjoy a comfortable level of warmth. Thermal blackout fabric roller blinds also block the light out while keeping the room well-insulated. This is perfect to use in TV rooms so you can easily Netflix and chill and get rid of unwanted light for a cosytime indoors!

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

It’s already a known fact that the sun emits UV rays that can be harmful to your health. And just like our skin, our interior décor and furniture pieces suffer from the same harmful UV rays coming in from bare windows. Sunscreen roller blinds are great solutions to keep your interiors safe from sun damage and keep the space cool and comfortable. Sunscreen roller blinds utilise a special sunscreen fabric that significantly reduces UV, and heat by up to 97% while still allowing soft light into one’s room. 

Translucent Roller Blinds

Perfect for living areas and daytime use, translucent roller blinds use translucent fabrics that provide you with adequate privacy but still allow filtered level daylight peek into your home. Translucent blinds also enable you to control the amount of light you let in as you choose the weight and weave of the fabric.

Custom or Printed Roller Blinds

Roller blinds typically come in different materials, design, and colour. However, if you want to go a littleover the norm and stand out from the rest, custom printed roller blinds are an option. There are selected suppliers that create custom roller blinds to meet your unique requirements. They can even go as far as printing out photographs or have your own design printed onto your blackout or sunscreen blinds so you can use blinds that nobody else has! 

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