Blind Choices When You Stay in the City – Privacy, Energy Saving and More


Whenever decorating a room, it’s important to find the right balance between style and functionality, especially with your window treatments. Adding window covers not only offers a stylish piece of décor, but also provides you with a way to control the light levels of a room, enjoy your privacy, and even gain some extra insulation.

Living in a city often means the functionality of blinds takes precedence. This is because living a city immediately exposes your home to more people walking buy, meaning you may have to think about privacy more than someone living in a quieter location, while other factors such as heating bills and window types will all influence blind choices when you stay in a city.

Take a look at some of the best blinds choices for homes in the city:

Roller Blinds – Perfect for Blocking the Light

Cities have one key issue that those living in more secluded locations won’t have to worry about – light pollution. Anyone that’s lived in a city will know all too well how irritating light pollution near a window is, making it harder to sleep, work, or simply relax.

Roller blinds feature thick, treated fabrics that are perfect for blocking out both artificial and natural light, making them a fine choice for almost any room in a city home, especially bedrooms!

Venetian Blinds – Ideal for Privacy without Sacrificing Light

Privacy can be a big thing when staying in a city, as any number of people could walk by your home daily. While this is true for any home, those situated in the city may see literally hundreds of passers-by every single day, and any one of these people may end up looking inside your home!

Should you live in near a busy street in or around a city, then a set of venetian blinds could be the perfect solution. This is because they offer exceptional privacy levels while still allowing natural light to pass through the adjustable slats, allowing you to enjoy your privacy without engulfing the room in darkness.

Thermal Blinds – Great for Energy Saving

Living in a city is never cheap. Not only are living expenses generally much higher, but many face higher bills for their utilities, so being able to save money whenever possible is always worthwhile.

This makes thermal blinds a great choice for anyone looking for more energy saving solutions in their city home. Thermal blinds come in virtually any style, so you can easily find a preferred style of blind that matches your décor while still enjoying their insulating properties.

Thermal blinds are usually fitted with several layers of thick fabrics, which can also be treated, to help provide insulating properties that reduce energy costs by maintaining the heat of a room. This makes them fantastic for colder cities, but even warmer locations can benefit from them as they help keep a room cool when temperatures are high.

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