Myths that Surround a Green Roof


Green roof are great for the environment and it has great aesthetic value too. It has become very popular and many people around the world are leaning towards installing a green roof on top of their old building for several reasons. When something becomes popular, it easily catches some myth. Green roof too has been fantasized as many things that are not entirely true. Here we will try to mention few of the myths.

The very first myth or fallacy is most people think a rooftop garden and a green roof are the same thing. A rooftop garden is where you plant plants or trees in a pot, tub etc and a green roof means you are creating vegetation on the roof using waterproofing agent, with having proper water drainage system, a root barrier and an agent where the plants can be planted. These things are installed onto your roof to make it a green roof. There is no rule on what plants you can plant on your green roof. If it suits your taste and the weather you are living in, you can grow anything on your green roof. Green roofs are great for the environment and could prove to be a love spells to get ex back, you just need to check if your building is strong enough to uphold the vegetation you are growing. You need to call reliable roofing contractors when you install your green roof. This is something you cannot do alone. There are many technicalities that involved.

The second myth is a green roof is costly. It only seems costly because you see large green roof on high end properties and commercial spaces. Fancy architectural magazines covers fancy green roofs. But you would be surprised how little it actually costs. The amount of benefits you would be getting from a green roof is vast and the one time investment on installing it is fairly little in comparison.

Green roof is not something the 21st century created. It had been around for centuries. It is only now people are more involved in it and different type of designs and technicalities has surrounded it. Earlier back in 1940, in Norway people installed green roof which is still alive. In order for your green roof to last that long you need to care for it properly. A green roof needs proper care like any garden in t he backyard or on the roof. It is advised to have auto watering system for green roofs.

Another big concern that most people face is the tension of leakage. Green roof may leak and decay the roof. This is a fallacy because green roof does not let water to get stuck on the roof. The drainage system is there to slide off the water from the roof. No matter what type of plants or grass you have added to your green roof, if you clean it well, your roof would be in a better condition. Green roof gives shield to your roof, and it increases the lifespan of the roof. Your green roof would only cause to leak if you do not have a good drainage system installed.

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