Luxaflex® Contemporary Series of Awnings


Luxaflex® Awnings are specifically designed for the harsh UV and demanding Australian weather conditions and comes in varied styles, materials and operating choices. Luxaflex® Awnings blocks out UV rays, reduce the reliance on air conditioners and suit a diverse range of home styles.

Why choose Luxaflex Window Fashions?

Luxaflex® awnings are made from the highest quality yarns available and tested for durability. This combines high quality sun shading solutions for your home with modern designs to enhance your outdoor living area.

Some of the fabrics are,

Sunscreen Fabric: Its open style weave provides heat and light control whilst maintaining your view. It is commonly used on straight drop and pivot arm awning styles.

Acrylic Fabric: It is the most versatile awning fabric and made from light weight material. This makes it suitable for the most awning styles including large folding arm awnings.

Canvas Fabric: This fabric is perfect foroptimum light &heat transmission and maximizing the shade and cooling.

PVC Fabric: Providing a clear view through, this fabric is designed for protection from rain and wind which is commonly used on straight drop styles.

Luxaflex® Contemporary Series

There are different series of Luxaflex awning,

Luxaflex Sunrain Awning

The exclusive Luxaflex Sunrain Awning provides you protection from the elements, rain or sun. It when This awning uses the Telescopic Wind Protect system that can withstand substantial wind forces. Also, due to its unique double pitch design, rain water runs away the waterproof PVC fabric and drains out quickly.

Luxaflex Como Awnings

The Luxaflex Como Awning offers the ideal solution for sun protection over expansive areas, such as patios, courtyards, and large verandas.

Luxaflex Garda Awnings

The Luxaflex Garda Awning is a semi-cassette folding arm awning, which is an ideal solution for sun protection over expansive areas. Its oval design adds an elegant appearance to Australian homes.

Luxaflex Ventura Terrace Awnings

The Luxaflex Ventura Terrace Awning is an ideal solution for patios, terraces and apartments, which require a narrow awning with a long projection. The clever design features the awning arms offset one above the other, allowing a projection of up to 4 metres and spanning widths from 2-13 metres.

Luxaflex Ventura Awnings

The Luxaflex Ventura Awning is the entry level folding arm awning system. With no hood as standard, ideal for fitting under an eave, it protects the fabric and components when it is fully retracted.

Luxaflex Nisse Awnings

The Luxaflex Nisse Awning is a compact sized full cassette awning, designed to be unobtrusive. It is capable of covering an area of 5 metres wide and 3.5 metres projection, which making it a versatile and modern addition features to any home.

Luxaflex Evo Awnings

Luxaflex Evo Pivot Awnings is a stylish solution to meet the needs for the large windows and spans for the Australian market. Its colour and/or pattern irregularities are unique characteristics that contribute to the classic beauty of a shade.

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