How To Mount Your New Bathtub Or Replace The Old One?


Installing or mounting a bathtub is quite hard, so you should consider professional help. But, if you are confident about what you are doing then you have to follow these instructions. This is a DIY installation, so you have to work hard. Before you go and buy a new fancy bathtub, you should consider the space you have got in your bathroom. If you have enough space, then can consider buying a freestanding bathtub which will seat at the centre or hook up with a corner or wall-mounted alcove bathtub. It is a very heavy piece of structure, so you will need help to carry it to your bathroom and put it at the right place. If you are not sure about your work, then you should not even think about giving it a try. Call an experienced plumber who has the license to complete your work. It won’t cost you that much as you have already spent a lot of money on buying the bathtub. It is not harsh to spend a few more bucks for the installation of the bathtub and its features.

Starting the installation

The very first step is to install the ledger board for the bathtub correctly. This way you can set the bathtub at the position where you want it so that the edges connects with the ledger board installed on the wall. Now, you have push the bathtub to the enclosure of the ledger for which you can take help of others. Then mark the extension with a pencil. Read the manual and see the specifications provided by the manufacturer, then measure the distance from the marked point to the bottom of the tub which should be 1 inch. This installation is usually for an alcove bathtub as it is the most common bathtub installed in every household either by DIY process or by the help of a plumber. There are companies like aquatica who can provide complete instructions to help you out during an installation. Use drywall water resistant screws to fasten the ledger board parallel to the back of the alcove to provide support.

Stylish Bathroom

Finishing the work

After, you have finished the ledger board work it is time for plumbing. It is easier than the wood work. You can contact aquatica to provide a plumber to finish the work for you if you are having any problem. First you need to install the pipes and drains on the tub, then finally fix them to the enclosure and secure them permanently. Take someone’s help and turn over the tub to its side for the fitting of the pipes and drains. Read the manual, then adjust the shoe fitting which should be under the tub. Gather the overflow pipe and the fitting, then attach them to the ends of overflow pipe and waste pipe in the T-fitting. You have check the alignment of the overflow and shoe to the openings. After finishing all that, set the rubber washer on the shoe and then precisely position it in the alignment. Screw the Teflon pipe tape around the threads and then screw the drain flange into the shoe. Combine a set of mortar matching to the package directions. With a rough trowel, spread a coating of mortar on the underlying layer where the tub will be seated. Raisethe tub place it against the wall where it needs to be seated.

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