A Guide To Putting Together The Perfect Bed


Did you know that on average, people spend more than 2,500 hours a year sleeping? Given the importance of shuteye and the amount of time you spend between the sheets, it’s crucial that your bed is up-to-scratch. To help you snooze in style, here’s a brief guide to putting together the ideal bed.

luxury bedspreads

Choose the perfect platform

No matter how much attention you pay to the finishing touches, your bed won’t make the grade unless you get the basics right. So, if your current model is squeaky or unsupportive, now’s the time to invest in a new one. A good quality mattress is a must too. There are no set rules when it comes style or level of firmness, but if your mattress sags or has lumps, or it leaves you feeling sore each morning, you’re due a replacement. Memory foam designs, which contain temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material and mould to the shape of your body, can be a good option. Pocket sprung mattresses are also popular. As a general rule, try to steer clear of open or continuous coil designs. These mattresses tend to wear out quickly and if you share a bed with a partner, they increase the risk that you’ll disturb each other during the night when you roll over.

Layer up for added luxury

Once you’ve got the fundamentals in place, it’s time to think about the finer details. To create a cosy, comforting sleeping space, it pays to layer up. For example, as well as selecting sumptuously soft sheets, duvets and pillows, consider getting a decadent throw. You can find luxury bedspreads and throws in complementary colours and patterns online by visiting specialist retailers. From intricate embroidered designs to simple, chic creations, you won’t struggle to find solutions that enhance your décor. Throws can give your bed added style year-round and during the winter, they’re sure to keep you snug.

For added opulence, scatter some cushions on top of your bed. These accessories can add to the sense of grandeur in your boudoir and they’re a great way to introduce some extra personality and flare.


Don’t compromise on quality

When you’re choosing sheets, bedspreads, throws, duvets, pillows and cushions for your bed, don’t compromise on quality. Substandard materials can scratch and chafe, and they lack the luxurious appearance you’re no doubt aiming for. There are plenty of stunning products available, so there’s no need to settle for second best. For example, if you’re purchasing cotton sheets, look out for materials with a high thread count. Meanwhile, if you want fluffy, cloud-like pillows and duvets, goose feather and down fillings are hard to beat. Or, if you suffer from allergies, high-quality microfibre and hollowfibre can be a great alternative.

Creating the perfect bed is easy if you follow these steps and, as well as enhancing the look of your room, paying attention to these tips should help you to sleep soundly.

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