How to Make Your Home Look Bigger


If you are interested in selling your home, there are many important questions that you will ask yourself. Is this a good time to sell my home? Should I use an agent? At what price should I list my home? This is a stressful moment in life, so you don’t want to rush anything that you will end up regretting later on. Once you have found the answer to these questions, you will be ready to begin preparing your house to put on the market.

Not everyone can have a big house, but that doesn’t mean that having a small house will make your house harder to sell. While realtors can usually help with this matter, sellers trying to sell their home for sale by owner way often have to deal with photography on their own. There are many simple tricks that don’t require much money or effort that will make your home look, and feel bigger. Here is a list of 7 Ways to Make Your Home Look and Feel Bigger:

How to Make Your Home Look Bigger

  1. Lights can make a huge difference

Lighter colours can make a room feel much bigger because they reflect more light than darker colours. The more light in a room; the bigger it will appear. So paint the walls a light colour, open the blinds, and turn on all the lights. It is shocking how something so little can make such a big difference!

  1. Mirrors can really help

Hanging a mirror in the right place can result in a noticeable change in the perceived size of a room. The most recommended spot to place a mirror is on the opposite wall of a window, because it will reflect the sunlight entering the room, creating an illusion of spaciousness.

  1. Glass is your best friend

Glass furniture makes your house more modern, and it also makes the room feel much bigger. The ability to see through the furniture makes it seem as if it is not taking up any space. Consider buying glass tables and desks. Glass shower doors will make a room look much bigger than a regular shower with a curtain.

  1. Unified colour schemes

It is recommended to have your walls painted a similar colour to your furniture. This unified colour scheme allows the furniture to blend in with its surroundings, creating a feel of a larger living space. Ideally, use similar colours, not the same colour. Using the same colour will be much less visually appealing than using multiple different shades of the one colour.

  1. Try rearranging your furniture

By simply moving furniture around in your home, you will be able to make your home look bigger. Certain layouts can make a room feel much more spacious than others. Something as simple as pulling furniture away from the wall can make a huge difference! When furniture is pushed up against a wall, it feels like there is hardly enough space in the room to fit that couch and that is why it is up against the wall.

  1. Remove clutter from your home

Consider removing furniture from a room if it feels cramped. Having multiple couches in one room will make it seem smaller than the same room having one large couch. Be careful not to remove too much furniture, or your home will look empty.

  1. Longer furniture can do wonders

Placing a lengthy table or desk in your home can make a room look like it goes on forever. Similarly, the use of stripes on furniture, walls, carpets, etc. will fool the eye and make you think the room is very long.

All of these 7 tips can be utilized without incurring any large costs and they also don’t require too much effort. Fear not if your home is on the small side, because these simple adjustments can make your home look and feel much bigger.

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