How modern dried aggregates can transform your front yard


When it comes to transforming the front of your home it can be difficult to decide what changes to make, especially when you want to create the maximum amount of impact within the minimum amount of time. But what can you do that’s not only cost effective but will also give your property a new lease of life? It’s easy! Consider installing your front yard with an attractive resin bound surface featuring colourful dried aggregates.

Resin bound surfaces are non slip and water permeable

With a resin bound front yard the dried aggregate is mixed with the resin, which results in a porous, non slip yet very attractive surface. Perfect for creating driveways and beautiful outside spaces, unlike traditional tarmac or cement, resin bound surfaces are water permeable when laid onto an appropriate base, making them an ideal solution for residential areas which are prone to flooding and standing water. As a result the heaviest rain water won’t collect into puddles or pools and will simply drain away naturally in to the ground or nearest storm drain.

Create special effects with dried aggregates

Not limited to a traditional block finish, resin bound surfaces which feature dried aggregates can incorporate a number of colours and artistic effects. As a result the front of your home can be easily transformed and your new resin bound surface can highlight established design features of your property including landscaping, designated vehicle parking and pedestrian walkways. Your new front yard can even be created to complement your favourite rose bush or palm tree.

Installing your new resin bound front yard won’t disrupt the neighbourhood

Without the need for industrial excavation equipment, your dried aggregate specialist will prepare the existing surface and use tools such as a forced action mixer and a trowel to create your new front yard. So any noise pollution or disruption to your neighbours is kept to an absolute  minimum. Completed in only a few days, the area will be able to take foot fall within 3-5 hours and vehicle traffic within 36 hours.

Taking care of your new front yard

As well as making a positive impact to the outside of your property, your new front yard will be durable and wont fade in UV sunlight. However to ensure it stays in excellent condition, your dried aggregate specialist will advise you on the best way to take care of your new front ward including; regularly removing any fallen leaves and clearing any mud or litter before they have chance to block the surface. Also by regularly brushing the area clean of debris and removing any growing weeds gently by hand, then following up with a thorough jet wash. Your new resin bound front yard featuring dried aggregates will keep its modern and fresh appearance.

How to repair your resin bound front yard

Of course your new resin bound front yard should to be maintained in line with the suppliers recommendations, however if your property is vacant for some time, resin bound

DIY repair kits are available to purchase and shouldn’t prove too tricky to install provided the recommended weather conditions are right.

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