Making Your Floor Beautiful


Many of us desire a freshly updated home but lack the funds to effectively make expensive changes. This creates an opportunity to put creative and effective alternatives in place to update and modernize a space. Painting is one such alternative that helps transform a space from old and dated to fresh and modern.

Add Color to Enlarge a Room

The right color has the ability to take a bland monochromatic room from blah to amazing in mere minutes. Painting can add interest and depth to an otherwise boring dated room. In fact, there are certain colors that can be used to create the illusion of more space. Pastels, citrus tones, and sea shades are all colors that enlarge a room which makes them great color choices for smaller spaces. Even white walls can give the illusion of more space if the proper accent colors are used. This is one way to take that small nondescript room from cramped and overlooked to warm and inviting.

Accent Walls Add Impact

You don’t have to paint an entire room if you don’t want to. Creating an accent wall can be equally impactful. Accent walls are a fresh modern way to give a room a quick updated look. They add depth and interest to a room in addition to enhancing it. They have the ability to draw an eye to a particular part of a room to create emphasis. You can be as creative as you want to be, just follow a few simple guidelines. You can create accent walls in any color you want, painting one wall a different color from the other three, just make sure that the colors complement each other. If you decide to paint the floor as part of your design plan, it’s a good idea to utilize a floor scraper before painting to ensure a smooth application of color.

Experimenting with Different Textures

Now, there’s so much more you can do with paint besides creating flat color. Texturizing paint has also become a popular decorating option. Using various fabrics and textures to create textured looks on walls is yet another way to add interest to walls and refresh them. Textured finishes like chambray and linen do more than just cover a wall in color, they introduce a different interesting look along with the color. You can buy textured paint or use different textured fabrics and objects to give walls a different look when used in conjunction with paint. A textured paint can give walls a unique look and also mimic the effects of wallpaper in a less maintenance intensive fashion. From a cosmetic standpoint, textured paints can also cover some wall imperfections depending on what they are.

Painting is a budget friendly way to refresh and update a room. Fortunately, there are many ways to use paint to add interest, emphasis, and contrast to any room. The use of textured paints has become a popular way to do more than just apply color to a wall. A textured look not only deposits color but adds depth and interest to your walls. Plus, textured paints can mimic wallpaper, however, without the extra maintenance. When budgetary limitations rear their ugly head on a decorating project. Don’t hesitate to get creative and think out of the box.

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