The Benefits of Installing a Retractable Awning: A Cost-Effective Project


Reinvesting some time and money back into your property from time to time is a great way to uphold not only its resale value but also its curb appeal as well. However, if you fail to address the relationship between form and function along the way, you’ll likely find yourself spending your valuable resources on superfluous upgrades that’ll eventually give way to some other fad or trend in due time. For instance, if you were part of the generation enamoured by tacky wallpapers, plastic furniture sleeves, and shag carpets, it’s safe to say that you’d jump at the opportunity to go back in time and avoid spending money on those types of projects.

Unfortunately, humans have yet to perfect time travel so we can’t go back in time to delete our past home improvement transgressions, but we can easily exercise greater care with our next refurbishment or renovation. In this regard, it’s worth your while to take a close look at today’s assortment of retractable awnings as these implements represent a cost-effective way to improve your home’s functionality and bolster its curb appeal at the same time.

What Is an Awning Made of?

Awnings have come quite a long way since the antiquated “woven mats” hanging above market stalls in ancient Egypt and Syria. The modern variants are comprised of three common elements:

  • Framework: Since awning frames are generally affixed to the exterior of a home or storefront, they have to be able to stand up to atmospheric elements on a year-round basis. Thus, many of today’s awning frames are manufactured with a durable metal compound such as fortified steel, aluminium composite, or iron.
  • Shelter: Also referred to as a canopy, the awning shelter is essentially a durable fabric stretched across the length of the frame and secured with fasteners. Due to the fact that the canopies are usually made from printable woven acrylic or polyester sheets, you’ll be able to fully personalise your awning to fit the thematic décor of your home or business. So whether you’d like to print a picturesque wood-grain veneer or your company logo onto the fabric, it’s important to note that any reputable awning supplier will be able to tailor a unique final product according to your specific desires.
  • Operational Mechanism: After selecting the framework material and canopy type, you’ll also have to decide between stationary and retractable models as well. The stationary models remain in their extended open position indefinitely, whereas the retractable variants give you the option of folding or rolling the canopy into a secure position against the wall. As an added bonus, you can also opt for a motorised awning, which features an internal mechanism that can fold or extend the canopy with the simple push of a button or lever.

The Benefits of Installing Awnings

Apart from giving you the ability to control the amount of light filtering in and out of your home, awnings also do a great job of protecting your furniture and lowering your monthly energy expenditure as well. Due to the fact that awnings provide shade from the sun’s destructive UV rays, your furniture and interior paint won’t degrade or diminish as quickly, nor will your AC unit have to go into overdrive during the summertime. To boot, a properly installed awning provides an immediate boost to your property’s aesthetic appeal, not to mention the fact that durable awnings can last for years with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Now that you know a bit more about these seemingly insignificant implements, you’re ready to start requesting quotes from the reputable awning suppliers in your proximity!

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