How to Revive your Home on a Budget


It’s so easy to become bored of the way something looks, especially when you look at it every day. Many people have to change their cars yearly, get a new phone after 24 months and even change their hair colour to spice things up a little bit, and believe it or not, this can be the same with your home. How you design your home is usually a reflection of personal taste and interests, and also dependant on the seasonal trends and impressions.

Many people may find that their interests and personal style changes as times around them change, and this can therefore leave you feeling bored or tired of the way your home looks. If this is the case, the best thing to do is to re-decorate! Give your home the burst of life and passion that it requires and inject a new splash of personal style into the décor. There are so many, inexpensive ways in which you can do this too!

Dependant on the rooms you feel need a lift, the best place to start is always with your colour schemes. You often find that people are guided towards a specific colour scheme dependant on the seasonal trends, and what they’re liking at the time. You do however, often find that a neutral colour scheme is always a great choice.

Incorporating colours such as creams, nudes, greys and beiges, gives you the opportunity to accessorise with colour, enabling you to inject life without having to make drastic changes if you change your mind along the way. Neutral colours also lift your room, the atmosphere will instantly feel better and the room will seem lighter and fresh. You can then have so much fun with your furnishings, detailing and additional items to add your personal style into the room.

Furniture plays a huge roll in a room/homes overall feel and look. To create that perfect atmosphere and inviting feel you need to ensure your rooms are stylish, neat and welcoming. Avoiding a crowded room is ideal, you don’t want to bombard visitors with 3 sofas and 2 coffee tables in a small living area, make the most of your space and utilise it properly. Making sure your furniture works for you is the most important part, there’s no point in having a dining room that doesn’t accommodate your whole family, similarly you need to ensure your home is practical and right for you and your family.

Introducing colour to your living or dining areas is so simple, whether you decide to inject colour through cushions and curtains, or even through accessorise such as candles, photo frames, statement chairs and so on, you can really have fun introducing your favourite items whilst still keeping that stylish, neat look.

Your kitchen can often be a room that you find challenging when it comes to refreshing your home, and whilst there’s plenty of cheap kitchens on the market, allowing you to replace your kitchen for a newer, different style, you can always opt for the smaller changes such as new appliances, curtains, painting your kitchen units and so on. It doesn’t always have to seem scary when it comes to changing your homes décor, and you’ll be surprised just how much of a change it can really make.

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