Maintenance of Tree Grates – Why Is It Important


Trees are a great addition to the urban landscape. If you’re a property owner, planting trees transforms your landscape and gives it that touch of nature. While trees have multiple benefits in the urban environment, they face myriad challenges. From vandalism, foot traffic, exposure to pollutants, space limitation for root growth, to high urban temperatures, urban trees have to withstand extreme conditions.

One of the most effective techniques to protect your trees is through the installation of a grate system. Tree grates blend aesthetics and function and are an important part of urban landscaping.

For the grating system to perform optimally, it requires proper maintenance. Read on to discover the importance of tree grating and the importance of effective tree grate maintenance.

The Critical Role of Tree Grating

Tree grates come in handy to protect your trees against some of these challenges. Properly sized and positioned grating helps integrate trees into the urban environment, protect trees against root damage, prevent litter buildup, and suppress weed growth.

Tree grating provides space for trees to thrive without inhibiting the smooth flow of foot traffic. With the right choice of a tree grate system, you can enhance your property’s curb appeal. These landscaping features come in versatile colors, patterns, materials and you can choose a product that complements your landscape.

In addition to serving a functional purpose, trench grates also work to enhance the overall aesthetics of the area. For example, some trench grates also come with lights that can create a perfect ambiance for your front yard or driveway.

Tree Grating Maintenance

Tree grates like other landscaping features have to withstand the elements throughout their lifetime. In busy outdoor areas, the grates have to bear the heavyweight of pedestrian traffic. All these factors can affect the outlook and performance of the grates.

Without proper maintenance, the grates deteriorate rapidly. Here are some reasons to maintain the tree grating in tiptop shape:

Reduce Cost of Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the grates prevents damage from corrosion and pollutants. Cleaning the area around the tree and collecting litter prevents the buildup of dirt, which can ruin the grating materials.

Depending on the grating system, housing is an easy way to guarantee there’s no buildup of harmful materials on the covering. A properly maintained tree grate lasts longer and you don’t have to worry about constant repairs. The cost of

grates replacement can also raise the cost of property maintenance.

Continued Protection for the Trees

For most property owners, a tree grate only receives some attention if it fails. This reactionary approach to grate maintenance endangers your trees. By the time a grate system breaks or suffers other forms of damage, it will have exposed the tree roots to physical damage.

If you want to protect your trees, make sure you maintain the grates in functional shape. One of the most critical maintenance tasks is expansion of the grate. Expanding the grate gives more room for the trunk to grow. A landscaping contractor or the grates supplier has the right tools and skills to cut the rings on the grating and leave room for the tree to grow.

Some grates feature removable inner rings. When you remove the center, you easily adjust the tree grate opening diameter. This allows your tree to thrive without any constrictions on the tree trunk.

The last thing you want is for the grating to hurt the tree trunk which would be counterproductive. If you notice the tree trunk has started to fill the space in the inner ring of the tree grate, talk to a tree contractor or a landscaper for expansion of the tree covering.

ADA Compliance

One of the critical considerations, when you install tree grating, is compliance with ADA standards. The best tree grate system should not restrain access. The design or pattern should allow a smooth flow of traffic over it.

There are specific dimensions provided for tree grating under the ADA standards. Your grates might comply with such standards but with tear and wear, the grates might develop holes or cracks which jeopardize the safety of pedestrians. It’s important to repair any damage on your tree grating to ensure your property is ADA compliant.

Improve Safety

In addition to ADA compliance, proper tree grate maintenance helps improve safety on your property. If someone trips on a broken or raised tree grate, there’s a risk of a lawsuit, hefty compensation, loss of reputation, financial losses and other consequences. Maintaining the tree grate system in the best shape prevents accidents on your property.

Enhance Curb Appeal

If you don’t maintain tree grating in the best shape, you risk diminishing the overall appearance of your property. Grates are an integral part of your property’s curb appeal. The choice of material, color, style or pattern can boost the outlook of your outdoor space. If the grates start to fail, they negatively impact your facility.

 If you want to maintain that pristine look of your facility, make sure you clean and repair the grates regularly. Any signs of damage should get immediate attention from a tree grate supplier. The best idea is to repair the product to restore it back to its former glory.

Final Thoughts

Tree grating is an essential component of your urban landscape. These installations help maintain your trees and ensure full growth. By maintaining the grates for your trees in functional shape, you protect your trees, reduce the risk of accidents, enhance curb appeal, and ensure ADA compliance.

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