5 Effective Ways to Keep Flies Away From Your Food


Flies are a nuisance. No matter what you are doing they seem to buzz repeatedly past you, almost like they are deliberately trying to annoy you. Of course, they are more than just a nuisance, flies are known to carry an array of diseases, some of which can be very serious. That is why you need to take steps to keep them off your food. 

Naturally, when you are not using the food it should be inside a sealed container in your food storage cupboard or closet. All surfaces should be wiped down and there should be nothing to attract the flies. But, when you have the food out, especially for an event, you need to make sure the flies stay away. Here is how:

  • Use Electronics 

The first thing you should do is install an electronic pest control device. You can fit one inside your house and one outside. These simple devices emit blue light which attracts the flies. Unfortunately for them, once they touch the blue light, they are electrocuted. That eliminates their desire to see your food! 

  • Fans

Flies are generally hard to swat, you need a god swatter and patience. But, it isn’t necessary to swat all the flies in the area in order to keep them off your food. The mere fact that flies are small and light means they find it hard to fly in strong winds. To keep flies away from your food simply set up a portable fan or two that blows just above the food. It creates enough wind to keep the flies away and can even help to keep you cool on a hot day. 

  • Citrus

Flies and mosquitoes are not keen on citrus smells. That is why many people light citronella candles. If you have lemons you can simply put a couple of slices on the table, near the food. This should be enough to keep the flies away. To boost the aroma and make it worse for the flies, add cloves into the lemon slices. 

If you prefer you can replicate these aromas with essential oils and use oil burners or similar to spread the smell around the food area. 

  • Bug Repellent

If you are sat near the food then putting bug repellent on is a sensible idea to reduce the likelihood of the flies bothering you. In addition, the aroma of the bug repellent will help to keep the flies away. 

If you prefer not to use chemicals then you can use natural options which use citrus oils to create the same effect. 

  • Plants

If the flies still like to visit it is time to invest in a few carnivorous plants, specifically the Venus Fly Trap. These plants are a lot of fun and eat the flies for you, effectively reducing or even eliminating the issue.

They are also a conversation starter and a great feature in any home. All you have to do is give them a try and be amazed at the difference.

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