Keeping yourself and family members safe at all times


These days, there is no place that is safe. Even within the walls of our own home, there is no guarantee of safety especially when we leave our young kids or helpless elderlies in the care of live-in maids while we are away at work. Of course not every maid are irresponsible and there are many employers who will vouch for their hardworking and caring maids that have look after those left in their care with much tenderness and motherly love.

There is a common saying that prevention is better than cure. So in order to be safe, it is better to install spy cameras for home if you need to employ maids to look after your young children or elderly parents, especially when you are not around to keep an eye on the activities of the maids. Lately we have heard of horrible stories, reports or seen videos that have gone viral on the social media where maids ill-treated the helpless elderlies and toddlers. Some of these victims had actually died due to the terrible extent of the abuse inflicted on them by the care giver.

Have spy cameras installed in different locations of the home will monitor the movement and activities of the maids and even of our own family members. When we are able to monitor what is going on in our homes, knowing that all is safe and well, we will have the assurance and the peace of mind to concentrate on our work or business. Another type of safety gadgets to install in our homes is the home defense weapons, which come in different shapes and sizes. These defense weapons are handy and help to protect us and our family from intruders or house breakers.

Taking safety precautions is every individual’s responsibility especially when you are always on the move on your own. Arming yourself with defense weapons such as stun guns with flashlight will come in handy in case you are confronted with an attacker. When we are moving about alone, we have to be alert of our surrounding and if there is any suspicious character nearby, we could easily reach out for the stun guns.

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