Garage Storage Ideas


Organising a storage space efficiently is easier said than done, whether it’s a warehouse, home or a garage. There are many people who are passionate about fixing their vehicle without taking it to a repair shop. But, managing a garage with all the tools and other common household items stored in it is not easy and that’s why you need some basic hacks to make the most of the storage space available to you.

It’s very common for a garage to be a complete state of disarray with time, but if you can’t even park your car in it then it’s time to set it up. You can easily organise your garage storage with some basic ideas, without spending a single penny. There are many storage solutions that can help you in organising the storage space, but first, you have to get rid of the unnecessary clutter.

Mentioned below are some basic ideas that can be implemented in any garage to organise it in a better way.

  •       Install A Shelving System

The best way to organise a garage is by using a shelving system to keep things in place. Flexible and well-designed shelving is a great choice to store all items, such as tools, machines and cleaning supplies. You can get a shelving system from the market or if you want to reduce your expenses, you can create one on your own.

A shelving system can help you keep things organised and make your storage space more efficient.

  •       Get Rid Of Bulky Tool Boxes

If you want to work safely and efficiently in your garage, then get rid of the bulky storage boxes and organise your tools in an accessible way. However, tool boxes offer secure storage solution, but sometimes it can make the space messy. Instead of tool boxes, opt for magnetic storage panels and let tools hang on the wall. This way you get to show off your impressive tool collection not to mention the easy access that you’re bound to get.

Magnetic storage panels are often used for kitchen equipment, but they can be an efficient storage solution in a garage as well. However, you can also use euro containers in place of bulky storage boxes to organise tools in a better way.

  •       Install Sliding Storage System On the Ceiling

People often don’t pay much attention to ceiling storage, as they don’t consider it as a storage space. But garage ceiling can be very beneficial in saving a lot of space and organising it. However, it is not easy to install sliding storage on the ceiling but it could be done. If you don’t have enough space to install shelving in your garage, then there is no better option than this.

If you have a suspended ceiling, you can easily keep all your tools and other materials stowed away safely. It is one of the best places to store low and average weight items.

Organise Tools With PVC

If you have more tools in your garage and every one of them is important, but there isn’t enough space to store them, then it’s a great idea to organise it all with PVC. This process will not cost you much as it involves only a few pieces of PVC. Storing gardening tools, such as rakes and cleaning equipment can be a headache if you don’t store them properly in a garage.

Organising tools with PVC is a stylish, professional, durable and quite affordable idea and you can easily implement it in your garage. Sometimes, people don’t wish to install shelving in their garage so, for them it is the best solution.

  •       Get Rid Of Cracked Floor

A cracked floor often seems too messy even if there is no clutter, so get rid of it or finish it off with a shiny epoxy floor coating. Epoxy coating on the floor keeps the stains, oil, chips below the ground and keeps it clean like a well-organised kitchen. It can make the garage look shinier and cleaner and who doesn’t want to work in a clean place? You can easily find epoxy paint at any hardware store at an affordable price.

  •       Lockers

The last thing any person wants is for burglars to enter their garage and steal expensive equipment. If your garage doesn’t have a secure door, then installing lockers is great investment to secure the equipment. Also, they are helpful in keeping the chemicals and potential danger away from pets and small children.

Organising a garage space is not easy at all; it requires creativity, efforts and sometimes money as well. But, the money factor can be avoided if you are passionate enough to organise it yourself. Consider the tips mentioned above to organise your garage space to save both time and money.

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