Humid Air can be resolved with a dehumidifier


There are a variety of reasons why you may find that your home has humid air.  One common reason is the lack of ventilation.  Many newer homes are built to withstand the elements and are insulated boxes.  Unfortunately this means that the outside air can often not get in.  As many appliances produce moisture, particularly dishwashers, washing machines and dryers there is humidity getting into the air and insufficient air movement to allow the humidity to vent into the outside environment.  Of course, humans expend approximately one cup of water every four hours just by breathing.  A well sealed house with three or four people living in it can easily increase the humidity level within a day to far higher than is healthy.  Plants are also a provider of humidity as they breathe in much the same way as humans and excrete water into the air.Humid Air can be resolved with a dehumidifier

The culmination of all this water can result in a humid atmosphere which has been linked with increased case of asthma and other health issues.  If you find that your home is too humid there are a variety of methods which you can use to solve it.  However, before you do anything it is worth seeing a hire shop to rent a dehumidifier.  Within a short space of time this will extract the moisture from the air; it will be evident how much has been extracted by how much water is present in the collection bucket.  You will then be able to appreciate the difference between the excessively humid air and the dryer, healthier air.

Fortunately you do not need to rent a dehumidifier forever, you can choose to purchase one or you can try the following tips:

  • Remove firewood until it is needed for burning; the moisture in the wood will evaporate into your home’s atmosphere.
  • House plants can be moved outside for parts of the day or you could streamline the number of plants you really need inside your home.
  • Check that all kitchens, bathrooms and even laundry rooms have ventilation, ideally through fans which will force the humid air out of the room. If you are unable to install a fan then a vent will help.
  • You can increase the temperature in your house as this will enable the air to hold more moisture. Whilst this will not reduce the amount of moisture in the atmosphere it will reduce the relative humidity.
  • When using the shower turn the temperature down slightly and keep them as short as possible. This will reduce the amount of moisture going into the atmosphere.
  • Wherever possible do all your drying outside your house, wet washing has a huge amount of humidity.
  • Use the best water heater and fires for your particular home. In general draft, sealed combustion and power vented boiler are the best ones.
  • Periodically it is beneficial to rent a dehumidifier to extract any excess moisture; this will also help you to establish whether the measures you are taking are having any effect.

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