How to Cut Down on Your Cooling Bills


Does the sight of your electric bill make you want to run for the hills or cry before you open it? Though some people manage to keep their heating and cooling bills down all year long, others experience sudden spikes when the temperature climbs. The hot weather outside can raise the temperature in your home and leave you adjusting the thermostat in the hopes of getting your living spaces to a comfortable temperature. Before you spend the whole season relying on your AC, you can look at some easy ways to cut down on cooling bills without using that air.

Replace Your Windows

If you live in an older home, you should think about replacing your old windows. Older windows often feature a single pane of glass and can develop drafts that let the cool air of your home escape. Those drafts can also allow more of the warm air from outside to reach your home. Double pane glass with a layer of thermal glass in the middle are great for newer and older homes. You can also work with companies like Caulfield Leadlight to get some unique or unusual windows for your home.

Use Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are curtains made from a type of material designed to absorb and block the rays of the sun. When you use blinds or other window coverings, you might notice that the temperature rises when you stand near the windows. The windows can actually let that heat build up, which will make your home feel warmer and more uncomfortable. Blackout curtains absorb most of that heat to help your home stay cooler. You can even leave the windows open to let in a breeze and some fresh air while keeping the curtains down.

Install a Smart Thermostat

One of the best devices for those who want to cool their homes without spending a lot of money is a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat is a newer type of thermostat that actually learns as you use it. It can keep track of when you turn on the AC or when you turn the AC up and record the temperature outside too. This thermostat will slowly learn when to turn itself on and which setting to use. Some of the newer models come with timer settings that you can use with an app that you download to turn the thermostat on and make adjustments when you’re not home.

Turn Off Electronics

Did you know that the temperature of your home depends on the number of electronics that you own and use? Even the smallest of electronics can put off a lot of heat and hot air that causes a spike in your home’s temperature. To keep your home cooler, turn off those devices when not in use. Leaving your computers, televisions and gaming consoles run while you make dinner, do some cleaning or run outside to grab the mail will cause your home to feel warmer than you would like.

You can stay cool when the temperature rises without relying on your AC. Turning off your electronics and investing in a smart thermostat can keep your home cool and lower your energy bills. Use all of these methods to keep your cooling bills low during the warmer seasons.

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