Best Flooring Options for a Basement Rec Room


Having a rec room in your basement gives you a place to get away from it all but also allows your kids to have parties without bothering the adults upstairs. They can play games, watch movies and hang out without making so much noise that you can’t hear yourself think. Even if you have an already finished basement, you may want to change the flooring. While there are different types of flooring that will work in a basement rec room, the best options depends on your home as well as your preferences.


One good flooring option for a basement rec room is concrete. You might think of concrete as a cold building material like the floor in your garage, but concrete can look great when properly installed in a home. With stained concrete, you can actually pick from a number of colors that go beyond the typical gray finish. You can also choose stamped concrete that adds a pattern to the surface of the floor. Check and similar sites to learn more about concrete floors, some of the top options out there and the type of equipment you need to install concrete floors in your home.


Whether you have teenagers or younger kids, you probably want a flooring option that is easy to clean. When a group of kids gets together, accidents can happen. You don’t want to spend hours steam cleaning the floor or using stain treatments. Tile is much easier to clean the carpet and other floors. You can pick natural stone tile that has a neutral and more expensive look, but you can also stick to a more traditional ceramic tile. If you worry about the floors feeling too cold, you can put down a few rugs.


While you may not like how much time it takes to clean carpeted floors, you will love how soft carpet makes your basement floors. Using carpet is a great choice for homes in cooler climates because it acts like insulation and keeps the cold temperatures away from your skin. It also blocks some of the cold air that can rise up from the floor and make the room much colder. When picking new carpet, you want to look for a color that matches the decorations in the room and a plushness or pile that everyone who uses the rec room will like.


When you take your kids to the playground, you might notice the rubber mats placed under the equipment. These mats provide the padding that little bodies need when they fall down. You can use similar mats in your own basement rec room to protect your kids as they run and play. These mats fit together like tiles and are easy to install. Some manufacturers now make rubber flooring tiles that have a design on the top that resembles other materials like ceramic tile or hardwood to help the flooring blend with the design of the room.

A basement rec room might become one of your favorite rooms. You can play with your kids, host parties and have fun in that space. As you get some ideas on how to decorate and use that space, you’ll want to take a look at some of the best rec room flooring materials like rubber and concrete.

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