Bring New Life to Your Kitchen


Oxford is home to many homes built decades or even longer ago and many of these same properties contain some of the same fixtures and other features first installed into a home. Although that enormous, beautifully carved mantel may be able to remain the same for the next hundred years or longer, your kitchen is not as gifted at aging. Tiles crack, cabinets begin to fall apart, and counters may completely begin to deteriorate until the only option that you have is to renovate your kitchen so that it may be brought into modernity, and The Bathroom and Kitchen Studio will help.


It may be that you plan to eventually sell your home for a larger and more long-term home or you may simply need to move because you need to follow work to a new city. Whatever the case, moving away from home can be costly and properties cost more today than they did even a decade ago in the same market. The best way for you to get the best price for your home in the future is to upgrade its interior today with the help of The Bathroom and Kitchen Studio, especially in the rooms of the house most commonly used by homeowners such as the bathrooms and kitchens.

It is also much easier to attract prospective buyers if you have something new and improved to offer, such as one of the latest types of cabinetry or newly-installed countertops. Islands are a particularly attractive feature. It is a fact that the majority of buyers looking for homes are more willing to pay a few thousand more for a home with everything that they need than to pay less for a home with upgrades yet to be made. Moreover, a great kitchen may spark a bidding war in which two or more buyers compete for the property, resulting in the overall profit of the sale increasing dramatically.

Energy Savings

One of the prime motivators for new kitchen design in Oxford is the need to improve energy savings in the home. Monthly energy bills seem to get higher and higher with each passing year but a remodel of your kitchen could allow you to make a number of changes designed to reduce your costs and save hundreds of pounds each year. Modern electronic appliances and solar heaters further increase the efficiency of the kitchen and there are now options for nearly every type of large kitchen appliance that will help reduce costs in the long run.


It may be that you hate having your kitchen and living room separated by an unnecessary wall; you could have that wall completely removed and replaced by an island. This would allow you to keep much of your counter space, provide an area for children and guests to eat and spend time together, and improve communication and connections for those inside the home. That said, be sure to have a professional test your wall to ensure that it is not load bearing, a term which would mean that the wall cannot be removed without damaging the structural integrity of the property over time.

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