How to Control Winter Pests


It’s the season of lighting the fireplace, donning hats and scarfs – and unwanted critters entering your home. Winter brings in many of the pests that want to be warm, just like you, but these guests are definitely not invited.

It’s not unusual for home owners to call us for pest control services for rats, mice, squirrels, and various other creatures who are looking for a temporary home.

Rodents Easily Gain Entry into Your Home

Your home is pretty warm during the winter, right? So there must not be any cracks or gaps allowing cold weather in. That’s not true, though. There are several ways that critters gain access. First, mice can squeeze into the gaps that are in your foundation, lead into your attic or fireplace, or are even caused by shingles that have started to pull away from your home. Although you might find it hard to believe that mice fit into such a small space, they can skitter through spaces that are less than an inch thick.

When these kinds of winter pests invade your home, you’ll find droppings, chewed wires, and destroyed items –  especially in your attic, where they are usually lots of nesting materials that rodents love.

What Can I Do to Keep Pests Out?

There are several things that you can do on your own to keep pests from gaining easy access into your home.

  • Close up your home. Seal up all cracks in your foundation and your attic, and put a cap on your chimney. If any siding seems loose, make sure that it’s replaced.
  • Watch the weather. If there are places where snow and ice gather, such as near a drainpipe, somewhere against your home, or where there’s bushes and shrubs, the constant freeze-thaw cycle can create gaps and cracks in your foundation or siding.

Winter Pest Control

Often, gaps in your home make it an easy target for destructive critters, and you may need professional help. Professional pest control services offer year-round protection. Give a pest expert a call to end your winter pest issues.

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