5 Simple Decor Ideas to Update Your Home


Do you find yourself tired of your decor when you look around your home? Have you had your things for years and need to give the space an update? There are plenty of ways to do so without any major (or expensive) redecorating projects.

Use decor items (that you can create or buy) to upgrade your home and give new life to its rooms and existing furniture and decor. Save yourself the effort of diving into any home improvement projects by sprucing up one specific area of your home’s decor that can make a noticeable difference overall. 

  1. Add a new area rug.

Using an area rug in any part of your home can make a huge statement in the room. Whether it goes on the floor in the living room, the master bedroom, or the dining area, the addition of the right area rug can transform a room, taking it from boring you and your guests to wowing anyone who steps foot into it.A bright color, fun pattern, or even just an interesting texture in a more muted tone can enable an area rug to add the necessary pop of intrigue to whatever room you put it in. Decide what style and colors best suit your taste and room of choice, then determine which size rug is needed to best serve its purpose in its designated place. 

        2.  Liven up your dining table.

Sure, your family eats at your table, but can’t it be pretty and functional? Of course it can! Table decor is not only for restaurants and special events. It can work in your home, too. Add a centerpiece or a table runner to give your table an instant update while still allowing it to do what it needs to do.

Get creative and make your own centerpiece, or purchase a bundle of artificial flowers in your favorite color to put in a vase. Adding a decorative touch to your dining table will not only give the table an instant facelift, but the entire room as well. 

      3. Give your sofa and bed their own attention-catching elements.

New throw pillows are a quick, inexpensive way to liven up various pieces of furniture in your home. Whether you choose a bright contrasting color or a color scheme that ties in with your furniture but has a fun texture or pattern, either will help a new throw pillow to stand out in a space. Rather than purchasing an entirely new sofa or a new bedding set for your bed, make what you already have look like it’s brand new by adding new pillows to it.

    4.  Hang DIY art pieces on the wall.

A simple way to freshen up the look of any part of your home is to add to your walls or to replace what is already on them. Spare yourself the hassle and mess of painting your walls a new color and achieve the same goal of updating the room by putting something new on display.

When it comes to giving your walls new life, the possibilities of how to do so are seemingly endless. You could frame family photos and create a gallery wall. You could repurpose old pallet wood or an antique door to make them into your own art. You could even fashion unused materials you have lying around the house into a bulletin board for your mementos and to-do lists.

   5.  Organize your stuff in a display-worthy way.

Achieve the ultimate prize of getting things in your home to have the double purpose of being nice to look at and helping you keep your stuff organized. Take old baskets and crates that you already have and give them a fresh coat of paint. You could even add a touch of the on-trend distressed look to them if you so choose. Then, voila! You now have storage bins that look like they were meant to be out for everyone to see all along. Stack them in a corner of your living room to hold blankets, or in the guest bedroom to hold books and magazines.

Next time you are walking through your home thinking about how you wish you could update its look a bit, remember that you can do just that with minimal time, effort, and money spent. By putting simple decor ideas to work in your home, you can avoid the headache of remodels and extensive redecorating and achieve the same goal of updating your space.

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