Ideas to Renovate woodwork


First, consider what you have to be renovated: bad weather, cold, humidity can cause damage to the wood to best prepare the woodwork to review, do the following.

  • Work in dry weather (paintings remain perfectly applied to the wood)
  • Fill in decayed areas (with wood pulp)
  • Remove any metal items (screws, nails, door handles. Take this opportunity to clean if you want to keep)
  • Sand the wood to remove his imperfections
  • If the wood is painted or waxed, use products to remove completely (see below)
  • For work on the doors, do not hesitate to unhinge them and put them on a tarp to achieve your changes without overflowing or dirt.

Renovate woodwork

Treat your woodwork

The treatment is very important before applying paint. Water repellent and fungicidal be applied on different parts of the woodwork, only if you put the only painting then you can perform stripping. Apply a stripper (ideally a stripper without toxic solvent) with a sponge, then use a scraper to remove paint chips. To accomplish this work, you can also use a heat gun (more effective but more expensive.) Note that for a simple paint application, you can only wash the wood.

Application of new products

Depending on your mood, you can apply a number of products on the woodwork:

  • a stain to retain a rustic and old wood (highlights the wood grain)
  • paint to erase the last imperfections
  • a varnish to give luster to your woodwork

Be patient to put into action this renovation. Take the opportunity to apply a new theme by refreshing color. The steps are important and you will get a perfect result.

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