How to Care for Metal Garden Furniture


Metal garden furniture is incredibly popular as an addition to gardens, because it is durable and attractive. The furniture comes in several different styles as well as several different construction materials. If you’re looking for furniture for your garden, you should definitely consider metal. However, you have to make sure you’re taking care of the metal appropriately. If you take care of it, metal furniture will last you for years and even decades. Here’s how you take care of it.

Paint Your Furniture

Metals are either ferrous or nonferrous; ferrous metals contain iron and nonferrous metals do not. It’s important to know what kind of metal your furniture is made from, because ferrous metals rust. That means iron or steel furniture can rust when exposed to water and time. Rust tends to undermine the integrity of your furniture. It is also visually unappealing and tends to stain clothing. Paint forms a barrier that protects the iron from the elements; paint can fade in the sun and rain. It can get scratched off, exposing the metal underneath. You need to make sure you’re touching up the paint wherever it gets scuffed or scratched. If you keep your furniture painted, you should be able to avoid rusting.

Metal Garden Furniture

Keep It Out of the Elements

You can make your garden contemporary with great furniture that transforms your garden into a place to gather with friends and family. You should keep your furniture out of the elements as much as possible. As garden furniture, it is obviously going to be exposed to the elements, but you can mitigate the damage that the weather can do. Constant sunlight tends to fade the paint on furniture, which exposes it to rust and corrosion. Also, if your metal furniture sits out in the sun, it can get uncomfortably hot. When rain saturates the cushions, they don’t always dry out very quickly. If the cushion stays wet for too long, it can mould or mildew.

An umbrella is a great way to keep the elements away from your furniture and will help preserve the furniture longer.

Secure Your Furniture

In some areas, your furniture is going to be susceptible to theft. If you have a fence, you should make sure the gate is closed and locked. If you don’t have a gate, you’ll want to make sure you keep the furniture locked in a shed or in the house when you’re not using it, so no one can steal it. Some people actually choose to lock up their garden furniture to prevent it from being stolen. Usually, simply chaining your furniture together is enough to keep it safe. Someone might be able to steal your chairs individually, but they won’t be able to carry away five or six chairs that are chained together.

Garden furniture is a great way to create a gathering space for your friends and family. However, you need to make sure you’re keeping your furniture safe from thieves as well as the elements. If cared for properly, metal furniture can last you for years.

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