4 Reasons You Need Granite Worktops in your Kitchen


In any London home redesign, the kitchen is top of the priorities. A welcoming, stylish kitchen is often the focus point of the house, and it is a place that deserves attention when you are redecorating. The countertops in the kitchen are both functional and attractive, when they are chosen with care. If you’re looking for a standout countertop, take a closer look at granite. Here’s why:

  1. Granite is Low-Maintenance

When you are redesigning your kitchen, the last thing you need is a work surface that takes time and effort to keep clean. Granite is ideal as you only really need to wipe it down with a mild detergent in order to keep it shiny and clean. The surface of granite should be sealed when you install the countertops as well as on a regular basis, in order to prevent liquids leaking into the stone. But once the granite has been sealed you don’t need to worry about an extensive cleaning regime.

  1. Granite is Hardwearing

You also need countertops that stand up to the rigours of everyday life, and which will be hardwearing and long-lasting. Granite ticks all these boxes. It is largely scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about moving pans and appliances around on the counter, or slipping with a knife. Plus, the bonus of granite is that it is heat resistant. When you move hot pots and pans around you often need to place them on the counter while serving, or preparing, food. Using granite ensures that you don’t risk a burn or the countertop warping.

  1. Granite Fits in Practically Any Kitchen

Even with the many different varieties and styles of London designer homes you can see granite in many of them, whether the house is modern and contemporary or traditional and country-style. Granite can look up-to-the-minute or more earthy and old-fashioned – it depends on how you style the stone, and what colour you use. Granite colours are extensive and help you create a unique look to your kitchen. For example, pure white granite is ideal for a minimalist room, while gold granite is for a more ornate style kitchen. Black granite is a modern stone finish and looks fantastic with stainless steel appliances. When you are looking for a granite worktop London showcases the whole range of colours and tones. You can pick what best suits your room and your personality. Plus don’t forget about the tiles – granite is a good match for different patterns and colours.

  1. Granite Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Adding granite countertops to your kitchen can make a difference to the value of your home in the long run. It is an elegant, classic stone and is much desired by homeowners in London looking for a stylish place to live. Granite lasts so long; you will still get a return on your investment if you sell in several years’ time. It has the potential to look shiny and new even then.

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