Bathroom Adaptations That Accommodate Your Family’s Needs


When you need to make adaptations to your bathroom to accommodate a family member with special needs, your concern may be how the finished room will look. With the help of bathroom design experts you can still achieve an aesthetic and practical design. Keep in mind the changes that are needed, the products that are available to you, and how soon you will need these modifications made. Let’s look at some adaptations that you should consider if you have specific needs in your home for a more accessible bathroom for members of your family.

  1. When getting into and out of a bathtub becomes more difficult you may want to consider installing a steam shower so that accessibility is not a problem. Ask your supplier about special designs that can meet such needs; these may include ramps or sloped floors.
  2. Check out where you can find many different styles and models of showers that may work well in your bathroom. Pay close attention to the shower controls; they should be easy to reach, grip, and turn. Enquire about thermostatic controls that will keep the water at a constant temperature so that no scalds, burns, or uncomfortable temperature will be experienced. The cost for this type of control is usually from £120 to £500 but is well worth the investment when it comes to the safety and security of your family.
  3. Check the height of your vanity and make modifications if necessary to accommodate any family member who uses a wheel chair. Having a basin mounted on the wall can make getting closer to it easier and allow the washing of hands and face more comfortably. Also check the level of the electrical switches and other power points so that they are conveniently located for you and your family. Having taps at the correct level can also make them easier to use and make the bathroom more user friendly for everyone in your family.
  4. Install grab rails near the toilet or shower to make using these devices easier. You may want to also check the flooring so that it won’t be conducive to slips and falls which can result in serious injuries. You might also want to explore arm supports, backrests, shower seats, shower stretchers, and bathroom accessories with ergonomic mountings and other appropriate aids depending on your exact requirements.

In order to make your bathroom more accessible for you and your family you should consider updating your bathroom with some of the new products on the market today. With the inclusion of the right modifications, for example, a steam shower, a lower basin and non-slip flooring, your bathroom will be equipped for enhanced convenience and accessibility for your family. Should you have queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to seek professional design assistance from experts in bathroom accessibility and bathroom installations so that you can make your decisions with confidence.

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