Have a home with personality with a statement white fireplace


Your home is your sanctuary and the way you decorate it and play with colours and designs helps you create a comfortable and welcoming space. As you are unique, so is your personal place. Yet every space can be designed around a central piece, a statement element around which you build the décor and the aesthetics of the home. One such object is the fireplace, and if you opt for a white one, you will have elegance and visual impact at the same time.

White is the expression of purity, of new and of perfection. So deciding to use it when it comes to interior design it will inflict your home with these attributes. It will transform the facet of your space by giving it a peaceful and calm aura, which will pour over your senses too.

When you combine a statement piece such as a fireplace and white, you can only obtain ultimate elegance. Making the white fireplace the centrepiece of a room will help you built the décor around it while providing a luxurious aspect to that certain room. And while being an art piece, a fireplace gives you warmth too. By choosing to have a fireplace inside your house, or apartment, you can instantly boost the way it looks and the way it makes you feel. And when it comes to beautiful design, the antique fireplaces that can be seen here http://www.thornhillgalleries.co.uk/ at Thornhill Galleries have no match. Crafted with emphasis on details and a love towards perfection, their fireplaces improve and enhance the design of every home.

Why choose and antique fireplace from Thornhill Galleries?

Well, one of the reasons is because Thornhill Galleries has been crafting antique and bespoke fireplaces for over a century now. Their know-how and mastery has been inherited generation through generation thus they have a passion for creating outstanding items. All of their antique fireplaces are a delight to the eyes.

Another reason is the attention Thornhill Galleries put to designing and manufacturing every bespoke fireplace or antique fireplace. No matter the material a fireplace is built from, be it stone, marble, wood or metal, each and every of their creations embodies perfection.

Whatever the style, size or material you need for your home, you will find the best choice at Thornhill Galleries.

When it comes to undeniable elegance, a white fireplace set in a room does the trick. It represents and imposing centrepiece and gives the entire space an aura of distinction. Building the décor of the room around it will help you create a unique and stylish design, without needing to add much more furnishing and little less ornaments to the space. The white fireplace will stand as a piece of art while the rest of the furniture and decorations can be placed at a minimum.

Creating a unique space and decorating your home with good taste and style will help you truly create a sanctuary for you to go to and live in every day. For all of you who want to create the design around one statement centrepiece, a white fireplace, crafted with delicacy and much attention to details is a great solution. Choosing white is choosing purity and perfection. Choosing a white fireplace is choosing elegance at the highest extent.

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