5 things you should never forget when planning a renovation


You have decided that your home is in need of an uplift, so you are fitting a new kitchen, and extending the property as well. It would be very easy to just fall headlong into the project, without committing enough time to the planning process. The problem is that, without careful planning, you could end up experiencing several issues with your renovation project.

Simply stepping back, and really thinking about what you need to do, before work begins, can help prevent a lot of problems from happening. Here are five things that you should always remember, if you are planning to renovate.

Planning a realistic budget for the project

Yes, renovations can be expensive. But, that does not mean you should just constantly be throwing money around; you need to have a realistic budget in place, in order to manage your spending. Being realistic means knowing your limits; you may like the look of that luxury kitchen online, but can you afford it? If you need to take out a loan towards renovations, never borrow more than you can afford to repay. It’s not worth having a brand-new look to your home if you cannot enjoy it because you are struggling with debt. It’s also a good idea to limit the amount you invest in the project to the amount of value you can add to the property by completing the work.

Paying attention to the hiring process

Just because a contractor offers you the least expensive rates does not make hiring them your best option. There are several things you need to think about, during the hiring process. They include whether the contractor is insured and what sort of reputation they have. It’s also worth remembering that a good contractor is usually popular. They may not be able to start on your project immediately, so you should think about hiring well in advance of the start date you are seeking.

Checking what permission you need, and getting it

If you do not get the right permission for your renovations, you could end up being told to put them back to how they were. You do not want the expense and hassle that this would cause. This is why you should ensure you have the permission you need, before any work starts.

Checking out the land you are building on

It’s never a good idea to build on land, without having it checked out first. You need to know what lies beneath the ground, as well as what is on top of it. If you do not have this information, you could end up hitting a water pipe or gas main, during the renovations. Experts such as onesearchlocators.com.au use technology to help them see what is underground. Once you have their reports, you can use the information provided to help you successfully proceed with the process.

Thinking about the finer details

When you are planning a renovation project, it’s easy to get carried away with the bigger picture, and forget about the finer details. Are the power points in your re-modelled kitchen going to be in the right place for you to be able to plug appliances in? Will there be enough room to fully open the door in your new look bathroom? Finer points such as these are important, if you want your renovation project to be successful.

Considering all of these points, when you are planning a renovation, will make the whole process run more smoothly and help to ensure the final result is as you would like it to be.


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