4 Ways To Reduce Fire Risk By Making Home Improvements


The key to enjoying your property may rest in completing various upgrades over time. These can serve to make your home a safer and updates 2ore enjoyable place to reside. One thing you will want to do is to find ways that help your property be more resistant to fire. The National Fire Association states in 2015 there were 365,500 homes that caught fire. Doing this one thing could save your life and can help lower the cost of your home insurance in the process. Here are ways to accomplish this important task.

Put in a monitoring system

Taking time to explore the best monitoring available in your area is one of the smartest things you can do. This will allow you to learn the various features that are offered to help make your home more secure.

A security system may be the fastest and most efficient way to alert you that there is a fire in your home. Additionally, some high-tech will alert the fire department and have this service dispatched to your home quickly.

Have a fire extinguisher handy

One item you will want to keep inside your home is a fire extinguisher. This could be the key to putting out a small fire quickly before it turns into a large one.

Knowing how to use this item is essential for the best results and listed below are tips to assist you:

  1. Most extinguishers will have a pin that must be pulled from the handle for it to be used correctly.
  2. Work at the base of the fire and then move upward.
  3. Slowly squeeze the handle of the fire extinguisher.
  4. Move from each side of the fire over and over again with the extinguisher to ensure you get it out completely.

Select a fireplace screen

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, this is sure to be a space you will enjoy. Watching the fire on a chilly day or cold night is a warm and cozy experience.

However, this is a potentially dangerous item to have, as fireplaces can cause a fire in your home. You will want to be sure the fireplace is correctly installed in your home and meets all of the safety rules.

Additionally, investing in the right fire screen is critical for getting the best results and working to decrease the potential of a fire in your property.

Monitor fire causing items

Making your home feel comfortable and beautiful is something you will want to achieve. One way you may do this on a routine basis is using candles that provide a pleasant scent and increase a romantic ambiance in your living space.

If this is something you enjoy, you will want to pay close attention to your candles when these are in use. This is key to using these wisely and not being concerned about starting a fire.

You can work to make your home as secure as possible from fires by being more mindful on a daily basis. This is essential if you wish to avoid dealing with a disastrous situation that a life-threatening fire could cause to your property. All of your efforts will be worthwhile by living in an environment that allows you to feel safe and secure!

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