Home Basement Makeover – Giving it Life!


Often damp, breeding rats, pest, mould, germs and lacking proper ventilation, the basement can also become very rich in dust. This is why most people avoid their basement where possible. Nevertheless it is reasonable that this subterranean space be converted into a comfortable part of your home. To achieve this simply follow this guide.

Firstly, you need to check for painting cracks or weak wall surfaces in your cellar which suggest water troubles and they should be fixed immediately by basement waterproofing if any. If you decide never to make your basement water-proof, you will have issues with retrogression of fixtures, wetness and air-flow. You can either do it yourself with a consumer level sealant or request the assistance of specialists. You must have a reliable method to correct your moisture issues because of the large possibility that water leaking into your cellar will spoil your devices and make you sick too.

AGM Renovation can help with your create a beautiful basement kitchen that will meet your needs and requirements. There are several benefits you can derive from a finished basement. Using a basement as a room in the house is becoming acceptable since there is limited space in the home. A basement can serve not just as a storage area but also as study, sitting room, personal room or a room for casual parties. For this reason, there is a high demand for finished basements from real estate marketers. People readily buy homes with completed basements compared to the ones with uncompleted basements.

Restructuring your home helps increase the purchase value of your home. You stand a better chance of making higher profits in the future by investing in remodelling and renovation. Just fixing new windows or repainting the house will help in the sale but you will make higher profits if you have furnished basements.

Adding a Basement Kitchen

Make an extra space for daily use or an inviting space for sleep over guests by constructing a basement kitchen. A completed basement can serve many functions which may include multimedia space, fitness room or even a bar space. A renovated basement is often structured as an extra guest room; however deliberating on different choices of basement kitchen is worthwhile.

Smart Storage in a Kitchen Make –Over

The preliminary step to setting up a basement kitchen is to plan the space.  The most suitable route for connecting gadgets like dishwasher, proper fire exits, safe ventilation of cooking fumes and basement plumbing are all necessary when choosing a layout for a cellar kitchen.  It is also necessary to consider what gadgets, lighting, flooring and fixtures function perfectly in your home in order to decide which to use for your basement kitchen.  

The expenditure on the other hand is another factor to take into consideration. If you are on budget, a smaller kitchen should be considered if the price or space required for a larger one is too high. A kitchenette contains only important features like counter space, sink and dishwasher while some larger appliances present in a complete basement kitchen are absent.


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