10 Tips for Ensuring That Your Built-in Wardrobe Design Works For You


Just like a fine suit, your built-in wardrobe should be tailored for you. Built-in wardrobes are an ideal solution to keeping your clothing organised and easy to access and keeping your bedroom tidy, however there is no one-size-fits-all solution and before your wardrobe is constructed you need to plan the wardrobe space to suit your individual needs.

While mirrored wardrobe doors are popular for their practicality and the sense of space they achieve, if this is not a look you like you will also have to choose an alternative style of door for your custom wardrobe.

Wardrobe Design

When deciding what needs to be included in the design of built-in wardrobes, there are a few items to consider:

Where does the laundry go?

Where is all the dirty washing going to go? Options can be leaving space in the wardrobe for a dirty clothes basket, including a laundry chute if the bedroom is upstairs above the laundry or building in a chest that can hold the dirty laundry and double as a seat you can perch on to put on shoes and pull on boots.

Getting in step with your footwear

Consider where and how you will store your shoes, how many pairs need to be stored and their heights. For example, you will only need shallow shelving for flat shoes but some deeper shelving for tall boots. If you are a bit of a handbag queen, you will need to allow space for those as well.

Blending your wardrobe in

When choosing mirrored wardrobe doors or other materials consider that the wardrobe should blend into the rest of the bedroom rather than be a bold statement. Stay with shades and finishes that are similar to those used on the other walls of the room to create a sense of space.

No need for windows

Your wardrobe does not need to be close to a window providing you ensure there is sufficient artificial light included internally in the built-in wardrobe. Make sure this is included at the planning stage as it will be more difficult to install once the wardrobe is constructed.

Create a flow

Ensure all the elements of your wardrobe are in tune with the materials, colours and fittings used throughout your bedroom, or indeed your whole home. Creating a flow gives a sense of harmony and space.

Choosing cabinetry

Choose any cabinetry, such as door and drawer handles, that are in keeping with or match those used for other furniture in the bedroom, such as bedside tables.

Include a full-length mirror

If you are not having mirrored wardrobe doors, you will need to include a full-length mirror inside your built-in wardrobe – either attached to the back wall or the back of a door. This saves the annoyance of having to walk to the bathroom to check on the look of your whole outfit, from top to toe.

Add a little personality

The inside of your wardrobe doesn’t have to be purely functional or boring! Add a little pizzazz and personality with coloured shelving or blocks of bright wallpaper.

Don’t forget to include some short hanging space

Keep full-length hanging spaces for dresses and long coats to a minimum by adding a rail over built-in drawers for shorter items such as shirts, folded trousers and skirts. Use the drawers for small items such as jewellery and perfume as well as underwear and hosiery.

Maximise the space

Talk to your wardrobe installer about the best ways to maximise the space in built-in wardrobes. Drawers, for example, create more useable space than shelving, though shelving makes better use of space above shoulder-height.

Planning built-in wardrobes carefully ensure you end up with one that is perfect for you and you will be able to pull together the perfect outfit quickly and easily at any time!

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