Quick and easy home renovation ideas


Everybody is looking to get by on a budget these days and this philosophy often extends to the home. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot to change the way your home looks and renovation improves a property. Usually, all it takes is a bit of imagination to come up with some quick and easy home renovation ideas.

Change the portables

One of the easiest ways to give your home a new look without it costing a penny, only your time, is to take a look at the furniture you have around your house and see how it could be re-positioned. It is quite incredible how different a room can look if a sofa is moved to another wall or placed in the middle of the floor, or how a table from the bedroom can look better and be more useful in the living room. Sometimes, there may be a practical reason for making such a change, such as needing to make the room more accessible for elderly residents or safer for toddlers. The most effective way to reposition furniture is to begin with the largest items you have, getting these into the key positions you have in mind, and then arranging the smaller items around them. You can also change up the look of your furniture by applying some furniture paint, or with even less effort, by simply swapping the handles.


Properties get a serious amount of wear and tear and you will find that all homes need to be redecorated every eight to ten years or so to keep looking their best. Redecorating is a labour-intensive business, and it can be an expensive one too if you plan to put up wallpaper, as most rooms need a minimum of approximately eight rolls of paper. However, a cheaper alternative to paper is paint. The key to successful redecorating with paint is to take care around the edges of walls because nothing looks worse than smears or patchy areas. Do not cut corners with your paint decoratingby neglecting the cornices and skirting boards. Fresh paint on the walls will really improve a room quickly and can be relatively inexpensive.

Window dressings

Another area that has a big impact on the way a room looks is the window space. How you dress your windows will mostly depend on the design theme you have, but in most cases, blinds are a good choice. Curtains are appropriate for the cosier rooms in your house, such as the living room and bedrooms, but are poor choices for the kitchen and bathroom. However, there is a window dressing option that is excellent for every room in the home and that is to install versatile window shutters. Shutters have become very fashionable window dressings because they have aesthetic and practical features. They look great from both the inside and the outside, but they are also fabulous at keeping warmth, once generated, inside a room because they fit close to the windows and therefore do not allow the warmth to ‘bleed out’. You can even get shutters in a range of colours to suit that you have on your walls.


Lighting can have a significant effect on the way a room feels. Stark overhead lighting can make a room feel almost clinical, but it is essential in rooms that require good illumination, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. However, for your living areas, various levels of light work best as they help to create a soft, welcoming atmosphere. Have an eye-catching pendant light but mix this up with table lamps and even wall lights. If you have a kitchen that doubles as a living space, then consider putting strip lighting beneath and above the kitchen cabinets, perfect for creating a pleasant dining space.

Organise your space

Perhaps one of the least appealing, but certainly one of the most effective ways to renovate your home is to organise your space. Yes, this means tidying up but also looking for innovative storage solutions so that some of the untidier aspects of everyday living are out of sight. For example, if your living room is constantly in a mess, consider boxing in the space beneath the bay window. This will not only give you good looking storage space but also provide extra seating. Bookcases can be bought relatively cheaply and are not only good for holding books. You can use bookcases to hold small storage boxes that can hold remote controls, pens and notepads and a whole plethora of necessary but irksome items.

There are plenty of ways you can improve the look of your home without spending a fortune, simply make a decision to work with the furniture you already own and make inexpensive redecorating choices.


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