A sneak peek into the glorious advantages of installing skylights in your room


If you ever get the opportunity to step into the Pantheon of Rome, you will notice that there is a sense of grandeur which prevails within. The moment you move in, your eyes will focus upwards to the single opening which gives way to a flood of light. If you happen to be within an enclosed space and add a point which takes you to the outside world, chances are high that you will get a surreal feeling. Similarly, this tells you why you should install skylights in your room if you’re residing in a dark space. The natural light which comes in through a high window or through a skylight will add to the essence of the beauty of the room. If the same technique was used in old centuries, why not put them to work nowadays in modern design rooms? Read on to know the benefits of installing skylights in your home.

  • Energy-efficiency: When there are skylights in a particular room within your house, they will cut off the need of electric lighting as there will be abundance of natural lighting. Using daylight not only reduces consumption and costs of energy but also brings down the demand for unsustainable power which is presently posing to be a threat to the health of the world’s environment. Solar energy is itself an unlimited resource and doesn’t produce harmful emissions or need pipelines or transportation. There are solar water heating systems too installed within the US which help reduce the energy consumption of your household and the reliance on toxic fossil fuels.
  • Maximum daylight: Most of us look forward to staying in homes where there is lot of light because we see 2-3 times more light by the age 60 as we did in our twenties. Skylights will help you balance the light within the room, reduce the glare of artificial lights and transform the living space into more open and safer places to live in. Therefore if you want maximum daylight, you have to opt for skylights.
  • Saves your dollars: When you install skylights, you can save money by lowering the energy bills and you can also reap the advantages of potential tax advantages by installing the ENERGY STAR qualified products. Energy-efficient skylights of high quality are a vital part of building green homes. Roof windows, skylights and Sun Tunnels reduce lighting costs and consumption of energy. Venting skylights minimize the requirement of air conditions and fans during summer months and hence can allow you to save your dollars.
  • Adds life to rather small spaces: While the incandescent and conventional bulbs create an unnatural yellow gold, Sun Tunnel skylights bring in healthy daylight into the rooms where conventional skylights are not an option. If you reside in a small room, you have to ensure installing a skylight which can add life to rather small spaces. The power of the sun can be a passive light which can be effective.

Therefore, roof windows are indeed a great source of natural light for your room. You have to take into account the above mentioned advantages of building skylights if you’re still not motivated into getting one.

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