Four Tips of choosing color


You are free to paint over your home any time, but choosing the right color is not as boiling an egg. It is more difficult job to do in home décor. Sometimes what we visualize doesn’t come in existence. Choosing wall color is an art as it is not feasible all the time that you change all home accessories with color.

Here are Four Tips of choosing color


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Don’t overlook your floor color!

Don’t even try to make this common mistake. In choosing color from magazine or Internet our focus remains on walls and we ignore the floor. But the wall color must match the floor. Most of us mistaken that floor color is same for all but even wood floor can be of many colors as, honey color, limed, cherry and many more. If you are planning to cover the floor with carpet you are free to do this, but wood floor doesn’t have carpet option as it looks nice without any carpeting.

Be Artistic

Don’t let the entire thing to interior designer; try to explore your artistic approach. Choosing color from book and matching it to original color bucket is really an art. One plain main color on wall and different contrast swatch on it will be great. This is just as rugs on textile.

Don’t Ignore your Upholstery

If you want to throw out your sofa, bed or any other furniture, feel free to choose the wall color. But if you are not in mood of doing this better to keep in view the furniture color to choose wall color. Don’t add wrong color to wall, It will cause your bank balance low down as you will need all new upholstery .

Overcome the Architectural Mistakes by Colors

If you have low ceiling, and small room go with light colors. Even white and light lemon can go great with small room. You can also go with earth tones and softer shades for your small rooms. A room with great light is also a challenge to choose color for. Don’t go with light color go with opposite and choose dark colors.




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