Five Ways To Add A Unique Style To Your Home


Your home is the place where you can be yourself. So that should reflect in how your style your home and what features in each of the rooms. It’s easy to become a little displacement with furnishings. Especially if money is a little tight. But there are some clever ways you can style your home without it costing too much from your finances or time.

Feature walls

Adding a feature wall to some of your rooms could be a fantastic way to style up your home. It’s much simpler than redecorating the whole room and spending time painting everywhere. By just painting one wall you are adding a unique style to your home. This could be done by painting it in a different colour or adding some wall art. A bright coloured wall could add help incorporate a new theme to your room. Sprucing it up without it costing too much in the paint.

Key pieces of furniture

Buying lots of furniture can be quite costly. But buying key pieces can be enough to transform any living space. Buy buying a unique looking chair for a reading area. Or a wonderful artistic coffee table that could be a real feature. Or a talking point at least. There are some wonderful collections available online like Arteriors. This means you are adding some style to your home without costing you the earth.

Bright cushions

Sometimes just adding a bit of a colour to each room can be just enough to uniquely style your home. It can be towards a theme or it could just be to spice up a dull area of your home. Cushions aren’t just comfortable to sit on, but can style up any seat or bed. Leaving the rooms looking different. Some cushions are arty with different prints and patterns. Others can be just plain and bright with colour. Whatever your style of a home may be there will be a cushion to liven it up.`

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Personal items

Little trinkets and ornaments that are personal to you can make a real difference to your home. Even adding photographs to frames can be a great way to add some personal touch. What is great about your personal things is that they are unique to you. No other home will be styled in the same way. Another great place to hunt out unusual objects would be to check out thrift stores where things may have been donated. Or seeking out lovely things from relatives homes keeping things within the family.

Photo montages

A great way to liven up a wall space is to create photo montages. You could have a black and white theme or just leave the pictures in all their glory. They make excellent talking points and can cheer you up on a cold and dreary day. A photograph has the power to transport you back to a moment. It’s always going to be unique to you because they are pictures of you and your family.

I hope these ideas will help you add some unique style to your home. Often the things that make the most impact don’t cost as much as you think.


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