How to Find the Best Primary Care Provider in Your Area


When you move into a new state or town, you have many tasks to accomplish. One of those important tasks is to find yourself a primary care provider for all of your medical and healthcare needs. However, you may not know how to go about the process of finding the best possible primary care provider for you in your area. Before you simply select a primary care doctor at random, get to know some of the most effective ways that you can find the best primary care provider in your area. Then, you can be sure that when you need medical attention, you will feel comfortable with your new primary care doctor.

Be Sure Your Insurance Covers Them and They Take Your Insurance

The first step when choosing a primary care doctor is to be sure that they are covered by your insurance plan (are considered to be in-network) and that the doctor’s office will accept your insurance. This should be the first step you take to narrow down your search as you will not want to pay the full cost of a visit to the doctor (or the out-of-network price) every time you need medical care.

Make Sure Their Office Hours Are Convenient To You

Another factor to consider when choosing a primary care doctor is the hours that their offices are open. Because you have a busy schedule with life and work, you want to be sure you can schedule your appointments at times that are convenient for you. Some doctors maintain extended hours and even have clinic hours on Saturdays to better serve their patients.

Talk To the Doctor and Do Not Be Afraid To Go With Someone Else

Just because you go and sit down with or talk to a physician does not mean that you are then locked in with them as your primary care physician. If you go talk to the doctor and find that you are just not comfortable with them or you do not “click,” do not be afraid to pursue other options. If you are going to trust a person to take care of your health, you want to be as comfortable as possible with them.

Get Referrals Form People You Know or Online Rating Systems

Patients are often the best gauge of the quality of the care a physician provides. So, talk to your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to get referrals to primary care physicians that they see or that they recommend. If you do not have anyone you feel comfortable asking directly about this, you can also go online. There are sites that allow patients to “grade” their physicians  based on various criteria for quality of care, demeanor, amount of time spent with patients, and several other factors that you can use to help facilitate your search as well.

Now that you know some of the ways that you can find the best primary care provider in your area, you can be sure that you find the right doctor for you here in Clarkston, Michigan

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