Five Common Myths About Teak TV Console


Teak is a premium type for wood that is commonly used in making furniture such as TV console, bed, or dining table. Consumers prefer teak due to its elegant color and outstanding quality. It is also weather and rot resistant, making it a much practical option rather than any other types of wood.

Despite its popularity and quality, many customers are still not satisfied with using teak wood furniture due to different misconceptions and irrelevant reasons. In this article, you will learn more about these myths and why they are not true.teak wood TV console

MYTH #1: Production of teak furniture is harmful to the environment:

  • Buying teak wood products doesn’t mean that you are contributing to deforestation. Be it for a coffee table or TV console, rest assured that the teak wood used for making home furniture comes from legal plantations and sustainable farming. These plantations are mostly found in Asia since teak trees grow in countries with tropical weather such as Thailand and Indonesia. Moreover, the teak wood used for manufacturing cannot grow in the jungle, hence it can only be sourced from tree farms. Therefore, the wood does not come directly from forests but from government-approved plantations.

MYTH #2: Teak furniture is not eco-friendly:

  • Plantation owners do not use chemicals to build teak furniture. Unlike when you purchase furniture that is made from plastic, factories use synthetic resins that are not environmentally friendly. Teak woods solely come from regulated and farmed trees, and are grown without the need of any chemicals. Since teak wood is organic, its bitter oil repels insects. This only means that insecticides are no longer needed to protect teak woods.Teak furniture

MYTH #3: Teak furniture is expensive:

  • Gone are the days when only rich people have the luxury to purchase teak furniture. With shops from different parts of the world visiting Asia just to buy teak furniture, consumers’ can now easily gain access to a wide selection of teak products. In fact, consumers can now buy a sophisticated teak lounge chair for as low as USD200.

MYTH #4: Teak furniture is not durable:

  • Teak wood can withstand all weather conditions. It is ideal for making outdoor furniture such as a table for your patio or a sofa for your balcony. Even without oil or varnish, this type of wood can resist warping, shrinking, and even swelling. It also repels rots and termites with its high natural oil content. Best of all, teak wood ages gracefully so you can be confident that its charm will not fade over the years. If you’re still not convinced, then this trivia will surely change your mind. The public parks in England have good examples of teak wood’s durability. These parks used refurbished teak woods that are already a century old. This only shows that even after generations, teak wood furniture can still serve its purpose.

MYTH #5: Teak wood is harvested from Africa:

  • The African teak is not similar to the teak woods that are exported from different countries in Asia. Several countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Congo produce African teak. However their process in producing teak wood is uncontrolled, causing serious environmental problems of habitat loss and deforestation. It also puts the species at risk of extinction.

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