Refreshing the Décor When Moving


Variety is the key to a lively home. It can become quite dull if you always have to look at that same old home décor every single day, but you cannot be bothered to change it as soon you will be moving house. Well, that is great news, actually! Use that relocation as an excuse to spice things up in your home. If you are the one that will have to refurbish the new house, then that is wonderful news for you. Start thinking on what you will be transporting over to the new place, and start thinking about its proper place for when the moving company has arrived and starts unloading your things.

You can still work on your old place to make the transition much easier. Go around the house and clear up all the clutter as you are making that moving checklist which the movers will need. Mark everything that you will take with you, and sell or donate the rest – no reason you should not think about charity, even if you will need every penny for the new chapter of your life. When done with the checklist, you can sit down and make a plan of the new rooms, and start using items from the list to get a general idea about how your new home may look like. Of course, planning about order rarely means getting exactly what you want when you get to the new place, but even a general idea will be enough for now.

Once the removal van comes and takes all your things to the new house, if you have done your homework, you can have the movers help you with the new décor, especially with the heavy items. Set the bigger items according to plan, and then you can see the workers off so that you can continue with the more delicate work yourself. Now you can start thinking about decoration and style, and where everything’s place should be. Use your imagination as much as you can, and set the furniture or decorations wherever you like them best. Personalise all you want, this is your home now and it should reflect your personality as much as you wish. You could even think about repainting the place before the actual move. Spread some vibrant colours for a more energetic feel around the rooms, or maybe the darker shades for a melancholic effect. Again, play it to your character and preferences, and you can take ideas from websites, but do not put something there just because it is “hip” or would be more attractive to guests. You can be much more entertaining than that.

In summary, all you need to do to refresh your décor when moving house is plan before the relocation, and personalise all your space as much as you can when the removal van leaves your new place. It required very little effort to put some creativity to your organising process, so create yourself a new, more enjoyable home to live in. Read more at:

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