Services Not Every Roofing Firm Offers


When most people think of roofers they think of a firm that builds roofs or replaces existing tiles. Few people realise that roofing contractors also offer other services.

Here are just some of them.

Roofing Firm

The Installation of Dormer Windows

The fact that so many people are now converting their lofts means that there is a lot of demand for dormer windows. This has lead the best roofing firms to offer the building of dormer windows as a service.

Roof Surveys

When people buy a building, they normally have a survey done. Often that survey is only a general one. It does not cover more than a cursory inspection of the roof from the ground.

If you are going to buy a property particularly an old one or one with a large roof it is wise to get a full roof survey done. Buying a property with a leaky roof can end up costing thousands, tens of thousands in some cases. It makes sense to have a full survey done and the best roofing firms offer them at a very reasonable price.

Scaffold Hire

Relatively recent changes in health and safety laws means that most roof repairs now have to be carried out with the help of scaffold. The result of this is that many roofing firms have become scaffolding experts. The best ones hire out scaffold and their experienced personnel.

If you are looking for a re-roofing team in Poynton, or anywhere else in the UK, it makes sense to hire the best. Firms that have the expertise and take the time to offer these extra services are generally the ones that do good work. The fact that they are able to offer these services normally means that they have a very experienced team and are well equipped, which is why they are so good at other kinds of roofing jobs.

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