Features and Advantages of Choosing the Best Drinking Water Hoses


It is been observed that in the past few decades there has been a problem with drinking water. Due to the increasing salinity of water, and the addition of toxic minerals to water, the toxicity of drinking water has hugely gone up in recent times. This is the reason today we have drinking water hose. One of the uses of these hoses is to carry water from the storage units and to the different parts of the house. A drinking water hose does not react too hard and soft water and it does not lead to any underground contamination of water also. Its features like kink resistance are something that makes it very unique and useful and sets the drinking water hose apart from the normal hoses that you find in the market.

Features of a drinking water hose:

  • Size: One thing that you first notice in a good drinking hose is the length of the product. Since its primary purpose is to send water to the different areas of house, it is imperative that the size of the hose has to be bigger. Some of the hoses are also measured at 50 feet which is not at all small and will only assist you in distributing clean water throughout the house.
  • Materials: Usually the material that is used to make such hoses is plastic. They are reliable materials and only help in making the distribution process a lot easier. Plastic and polyurethane hoses are generally used to transport water to homes, offices and industrial plants. Their valves are made string enough to resist weathering and corrosion.
  • Free from impurities: One of the biggest functions of these hoses is that they play an instrumental role in making sure that the water that is being delivered for drinking is completely free of impurities. There are many good companies who make good quality drinking water hose that does not carry polluted particles or chemicals like arsenic which can, otherwise affect your health badly.
  • Thickness: You will see that these hoses are a little bit thicker than the normal hoses that you will find in the market. The reason is that normally these hoses are heavy duty ones, which is why they need to be stronger so that there are no issues if the pressure exerted by the water is a little on the higher side.

Advantages of drinking water hoses: 

  • Safe drinking water: Due to the various precautions and specifications that you will see in different hoses, most of them assure absolute cleanliness. You will also observe that most of the products provide you water with zero percent lead, Phthalate and BPA.
  • Lightweight: In addition, the hoses which carry drinking water are made with such materials which are really light. This helps the water to travel from one location to its destination easily and smoothly without harming the hose.
  • Durability: The products come with standard specifications and that is why it is seen that they offer a hose which has strain relief. This definitely adds to the durability quotient of the product.

How to choose the best drinking water hose?

  • Look for the material: The material of the hose is the key to its performance and therefore you must look for a product which has reliable material. You should check whether it leaks of not and also go for hoses that are kink resistant.
  • Longer life: look for products which are UV stabilized as they will offer you a hose with longer life which is always an advantage.

There are many online portals which give you an idea about how to choose good varieties of drinking water hoses. You can compare the features and price before you buy these.  Get more info here about choosing the best drinking water hoses.

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