Factors to Consider When Buying Land in Lombok


Buying land in Lombok can become one of your best investments. Lombok does not only offer breathtaking views and tranquil living space but also gives an opportunity to make a profit. The land market in Indonesia especially in Lombok is rising. If you sell land that you buy today two years later, you can easily get double amount of money. However, even though buying land in Lombok is promising, it does not necessarily mean that you can buy any land carelessly. In order to get the best chance to make a profitable investment, you should be considerate and thoughtful when buying Lombok land. Here are some factors that you must consider.


Before you buy land lombok, you must know how much money you are willing to spend. It will waste your money if you seek for land that you cannot afford. Once your budget is set, you can start looking for land that perfectly fits within your budget. You can make a list of lands for sale that meet your budget. Then, you can compare land specifications to figure out which one perfectly meets your needs. In this case, you can contact a property agency to give you their list of land for sale. The more the list, the higher the chance to find the most suitable land is.


The location where land is located is the detrimental factor of land value. In order to make a profitable investment, it is a must for you to buy land that has a high resale value. Some lands that are located in an isolated area might be offered at an extremely cheap price. However, buying these lands is not a wise decision if you plan to open a business or resell the land in a few years. You should choose land in Lombok that can help achieving your goals.


The utility access should become your concern because it can greatly affect the cost of land. It is important for you to make sure that the land you are going to buy has an access to electricity, gas and phone line. Whether you are going to build a house or a business, these accesses allow you to start everything more easily and inexpensively. If your land is not connected to power line, you will need to ask a power company to install the line. This attempt does not only require time but also needs lots of money. You can only bypass this attempt by buying land that has complete utilities.

Road Access

Whatever the purpose of buying land that you have, you should consider road access because it actually greatly affects land resale value. It is important to check whether the land has an access to public road. If it does not or it only has an access to a private road, you should be ready for the consequences. You might need to negotiate for a road access with your neighbors in which this can take time and surely more money. At the end, if you should arrange road access by yourself, you will end up in spending lots more money.

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