5 Trendy kitchen appliances that are a must have in a new home


If you decide to move into new home, it is probably because you want change. It could be a change in design or space. Better still, you could be moving because you want to change the look of your home by upgrading to more modern, trendy looking items. When you move to a new home, there are trendy appliances that your kitchen should not lack. We explore five of those items in this article:

  1. An automatic coffee maker

A coffee maker is a must have kitchen appliance, particularly if you, and other members of your family adore the beverage. This appliance enables you to get your coffee ready in just a few minutes. When buying a coffee maker, ensure that you go for an automatic model that allows you to program when you want your coffee ready. You can chose between a glass carafe and a thermal carafe, a drip coffee maker or a grind and brew coffee maker depending on your needs. All in all, opt for a coffee making appliance that is easy to clean with features like water filter, steam wand and a manual water regulator.  Also, consider buying a coffee maker that provides you with a wide range of control features so you can rest assured of a brewing a perfect cup of coffee each time you need it.

  1. A rice cooker

A rice cooker is an important kitchen appliance that makes it easy for you to cool rice. Though it is often referred to as a rice cooker, it has various uses. Besides making rice, you can use this kitchen appliance to make pasta, steam, or cook quinoa. So, as you opt to buy one that helps you cook rice, consider going for a model that allows you to multi-task in terms of usage. Consider the durability of the appliance during purchase because a high quality rice cooker can serve you well for over a decade.

  1. A fridge

This is a kitchen appliance that is difficult to not have in a modern kitchen. A fridge allows you to maintain the freshness of both uncooked and cooked food items with minimal wastage. The size of your fridge largely depends on usage as well as the number of people that live in the house. The size of this kitchen appliance is proportional to the cost, the higher the capacity the more costly the appliance. Opt for a fridge that makes it possible for you to adjust shelves to create space. Take measurements of your kitchen space and estimate the space required to open doors easily. Fridges that have freezer partitions at the top are most affordable and most preferred as they allow for separation of foods. Also, consider the energy efficiency of the fridge during purchase.

  1. A food processor

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that looks like a blender. It is fitted with multiple attachments and blades that allow users to undertake various activities like grating, shredding, mincing and chopping. Unlike normal mixers, a food processor does not require fluids to process food. When buying a food processor, check the size and number of blades as well as the material that the appliance is made from. Go a model that is easy to maintain and clean. A food processor that had a wide-feeding tube, lids and versatile blades works best.

  1. A sandwich maker

A sandwich maker, also known as a Panini Presses is a kitchen appliance that makes it easy for you to toast sandwiches. It can also be used to fry omelets, eggs, make waffles as well as pancakes. When buying a sandwich maker for your new home, consider the storage space that the appliance will require. Also, take measurements of your counter top including the height so that you do not get inconvenienced when it comes to operating and storing your sandwich maker.

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