Tips for Maintaining Plantation Shutters


If you’ve plantation shutters installed in your home, and you think it may be time to carry out some maintenance work, you should know what you are doing beforehand, just in case you end up damaging them while cleaning or repairing a part of the unit. They only require a small bit of care and maintenance to ensure they last for a substantial period. Follow these guidelines to guarantee a successful maintenance operation in your home.

Professional Service

You should know when it is time to call for a professional service simply by examining your shutters to see if you can spot any issues, you must look out for problems such as:

  • Staples sticking out from the unit.
  • Panels not closing fully, or only closing partially.
  • Panels not opening fully, or only opening partially.
  • Having a shutter which must be forced when you are trying to open or close the unit, it should run smoothly without having to wrestle with the shutter.

If you notice any of these problems, it may be time to call a professional technician to address the issue. If you are based around the Fylde Coast area, there are several reputable companies who can attend to damaged window shutters or faulty door shutters in Blackpool or any other city in the region. Check your warranty, if it has run out, you can always call the company and inquire about repair services or look for another trustworthy organisation in your vicinity.


If you notice the paint has gotten scratched or chipped on one of the panels, you can easily repair the damage by purchasing a small foam brush and apply paint to the area. Make sure you buy the correct colour before application, the easiest way to do this would be to contact the company you originally purchased the shutters from, they should have touch-up paint in stock that matches your panel colour. Your interior trim paint is generally the same colour as your shutter panels.


The best way of cleaning your plantation shutters is to dust off excess debris with a soft, clean cloth. This ensures you won’t damage the material and you’ll remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated on the panels. You can also use a feather duster, it’ll do the same job as a cloth when it comes to getting rid of dirt particles.

Loosening & Tightening Louvers

If you find that your louvers are floppy and won’t stay in the right position, or they are too tight, making it very difficult to tilt them, you’ll need to adjust the shutter to resolve the issue. Get a screwdriver which matches the unit and adjust the shutter by twisting the bolts on both sides of the item.

The tips mentioned above are designed to help you clean and maintain your plantation shutters. If you keep them well maintained you’ll have a product which functions effortlessly for years, regular cleaning also helps to make it look new, so apply a touch of paint if you notice any scrapes or scratches on the panels.


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