7 Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks


Most of the people stick to one way of washing the bathroom: spraying the detergent and painting it with the brush. They wait for their next month’s salary to buy the next bottle of cleaning solution. However, they do not know that the there are many things even in your house that you can use for turning the dirty bathroom in a bright one. Let’s have a look at seven different bathroom cleaning tips and tricks that you would admire and feel comfortable.  

Banish Grim and Detergent Foam:

The first step that you can adopt is mixing three tablespoons of baking soda and the partial cup of household ammonia in two cups of warm water. Put the solution on the surface of your bathroom and then wipe it with the piece of cloth. Now clean the surface and rinse it with the help of a rag. You will see that that the surface has started gleaming and it looks stunning.

Clean the Bathroom Ceiling with Vinegar:

Bathroom ceiling is one of the most neglected parts of bathroom cleaning. It is the part that can have mildew and spots that looks very bad. The reason some people avoid clean this part is that they do not know what should they use and how should they use. It is effortless to clean the ceiling by spraying vinegar on it and then washing it with a long-handled stick with the sponge.

Make Bathroom Tiles Spotless:

The solution of getting clean bathroom tiles is making a mixture of one section of borax powder and two parts of baking soda. Put it in the 1-2 division of water and then scrub the dough on the tiles with the help of a toothbrush. Reach all the narrow space and then wipe it away with the piece of cloth. You can repeat the process based on the requirement.

Lemon Toilet Cleaner:

Lemon is not only famous for making human skin spotless, but it can also work in cleaning the toilet. You can take two parts of borax and one part of lemon juice and then apply the solution to the bowl. Keep it in its state for one to two hours and then scrub it with a brush. It would remove the ring that appears on the surface of the water.

Solve Immovable Scum:

You may have seen that the tiles and acrylic showers get some spots that reduce the beauty of a washroom. You can work on removing the built-up scum by taking two cups of salt and mix it in four liters of water. Now apply this solution on the surface for fifteen minutes and make another solution of half cup of vinegar, a cup of ammonia, ¼ cup baking soda and four liters of water. Scrub it on the surface and rinse afterwards.

Brush the Stains of Rust:

Brushing away the stains of rust on tubes with a small quantity of toothpaste, lemon juice or borax is an advantageous method. It is better to use this tip right after the stains starting to appear on the surface.  

Unblock the Shower Head:

Showerhead can block if they have fulfilled their service. You use vinegar for unblocking showers head by soaking them in vinegar for a whole night. Clean all the holes with some detergent and sponge and then wipe them with vinegar.

Clean the Glass Door:

You can use some things from the washroom for cleaning the glass door as well as bathroom stains (badkamer spotjes). Shaving cream, white vinegar baking soda-plus and furniture polish can clean the surface of the glass and make it sparkle.

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