Cyber Monday Shopping– Massive Discounts & Deals from Sites Like Beddinginn


Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping festivals of the year when you can find massive discounts and deals on online stores like Beddinginn. You can buy cheap bathroom sets, shower curtains, bedding sets, and many other home decor elements on the occasion, while making big savings. It is the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. Due to the growing importance of this trend, the discounts and offers have continued to increase every year. Besides, the growing penetration of mobile shopping has further led to its importance.

What Makes Cyber Monday Unique?

Today Cyber Monday is a multi-billion dollar shopping day. What makes it unique is that it allows the smallest of retailers to reach a larger audience with their products and offers in a market that is dominated by the bigger retailers.

Black Friday is a competing shopping festival and can offer equally big discounts on home decor items like unique shower curtains and tech products. Cyber Monday has a larger appeal for shoppers looking for lifestyle and home products.

The Marketing Term

Cyber Monday may not have any traditional or festive origin to it, it has emerged as a major global marketing term. The term was first named by Ellen Davis, a businesswoman. It was used first in 2005. During 2004, it was found that the Monday after Thanksgiving was among the biggest inline shopping days on a consistent basis. Hence, the inspiration for giving this day unique name and identity – without any historical background.

What made the day even more interesting for the business world was that it was marked as the Monday when employees returned to work after their thanksgiving. The name came out of the observation that these workers returned from a weekend of window shopping only to start searching for and buying products online using their office systems. They bought products ranging from something as simple as unique toilet paper holders to bedding sets to exquisite home decor items.

Cyber Monday – Monetary Value

Since the first year Cyber Monday has continued to grow every year in terms of its monetary value. It became a billion-dollar shopping day in 2010 and since then it has grown into a multi-billion dollar online retail day.

Today shoppers have become so crazy about Cyber Monday and its massive discounts that many employers have blocked their employees from accessing certain sites. So whether you are looking for cheap bathroom sets or king-size bedding sets for your home, it is the right occasion to go shopping with some of the biggest deals of the year.

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