How to Choose a Frame for a Picture or Painting


The main purpose of a frame for a painting or image is to create a unified piece of art—or a picture or painting that is able to stand alone. The frame provides both protection and structure, and it enhances the appearance of the art. A frame is made to offer a finishing touch that depicts an image in the best possible light. However, framing is also an art in and of itself, as the looks of a poor frame can diminish an image or painting.

Frame for a Picture

When Art Does Not Require a Frame

Nevertheless, not every piece of art needs a frame. For instance, modern, gallery-wrapped paintings often are not framed as the mounting leaves the sides of a painting’s canvas free of visible staples or tacks.

When a painting is not gallery-wrapped, the staples are visible. Therefore, the painting needs a frame to enhance its appearance. Several schools of thought exist with respect to frame selection. However, artists or frame designers do concur that a work of art or a photo should guide the frame choice.

Make Sure the Frame’s Style Complements the Picture

For example, a traditional painting matches well with an elegant-looking frame whilst abstract works of art require sleek and more streamlined frames. Custom picture frames emphasise the unique attributes and style of a photo or piece of art. That is why each frame has a certain profile, clearly indicated when viewing a sample frame’s diagonal cut.

When a frame is chosen to enhance artwork or pictures, the frame can be hung in any location. A modern photo hung in a traditional room does not require a classic frame. A frame for a traditional painting, hung in a contemporary setting, also does not need to be modern in design. Don’t fall into the trap of selecting a frame to match your other frames. Concentrate on matching each picture with a frame that matches its style.

The only thing you need to be concerned about then when choosing a frame is to make sure it underscores the painting or photograph you wish to display. Larger traditional paintings, art prints, or pictures, for example, typically look the best in wider mouldings or bigger traditional frames.

Acrylic Gold or Silver Frames

One of the popular types of frames in the UK is a gold frame with an acrylic glaze. These frames are offered for imperial-sized pictures, and they are carved from wood that is finished in gold. The frames can be hung in both portrait and landscape positions. The exquisite frames usually display intricate details, and they are offered in a silver finish as well.

Contemporary Black or White Frames

Whilst the aforementioned frames are often used for paintings, black or white picture frames are used for displaying portraits, posters, collages, or contemporary pieces of art. Like the gold and silver traditional frames, they can be hung in a landscape or portrait position.

These frames feature a mount board so that the picture will fit perfectly. The frames can also be used without a mount board, if you prefer. The contemporary art accessories are made in matte finishes with a polished edge glass. This type of versatile frame upgrades the looks of both modern artwork and photographs.

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